WWE RAW Results (11/20/2023)


Here are the results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on November 20, 2023. You can find our Friday Night SmackDown results here.

WWE RAW (11/20/2023)


The show opens with Drew McIntyre in the ring. He says that he will talk and they will listen. Everyone is feeling a certain way after last week. Do you know who is most upset about last week? He is. He has been called a coward when he hasn’t changed who he is. If you haven’t been paying attention, he doesn’t give a damn what you think. Jey Uso is probably looking for an apology for ruining his moment. He doesn’t remember getting any of those when he was getting screwed by him and The Bloodline.

People say he should get over it, but why should he? They cost him the biggest moment of his career in front of his family. Jey Uso took that away from his family. Everyone is asking if he has joined the Judgment Day. He asks the audience what they think, but they clearly don’t know him well enough. He has not joined the Judgment Day, but he will be on their team at WarGames. Why? Because Rhea Ripley gave him Jey Uso in a cage. Here’s a warning for him, his arse belongs to him. Jey Uso enters.

He tells the crowd that McIntyre is going to get a “Yeet Down”. Judgment Day are there with Drew, so Jey is reluctant to get in the ring. Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes quickly make their entrances. It looks like we are about to get a fight, but Adam Pearce stands between them and says WarGames is on Saturday. Two pieces of business. He says that Cody’s team needs a fifth member and they need to pick him by the end of the night. A singles match will decide which team gets the opportunity at WarGames, but they have to decide soon, and there can’t be any outside interference.

Backstage, Damian Priest asks Rhea Ripley if she could have told him about Drew McIntyre beforehand. Ripley wasn’t sure what his decision was going to be until last week. They need to get together to decide who will be in the singles match.

#1. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Nia Jax – Winner: Nia Jax

After some strong words, Damian Priest decides that Drew McIntyre will represent in the singles match later tonight.

The babyface team decides Jey Uso will represent against McIntyre. They have some ideas for the 5th member, but Cody Rhodes says he has an old friend he can call.

#2. Becky Lynch vs. Xia Li – Winner: Becky Lynch

Damage CTRL tries to take out Becky Lynch, but Charlotte Flair, Shotzi & Bianca Belair has followed them to the venue. An all out brawl ensues, but security rush out to split them up.

There is some tension between Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Kaiser tells Vinci to stay in the back while he takes care of business against Johnny Gargano.

#3. Johnny Gargano vs. Ludwig Kaiser – Winner: Johnny Gargano

Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler are casually sitting in Judgment Day’s spot. Stark tells the champ that while she is running around, she should be focusing on her. Rhea Ripley says she respects her for what she just did, but she will still get her beating at Survivor Series.

#4. [Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contender] Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Natalya & Tegan Nox vs. Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile vs. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell – Winners: Natalya & Tegan Nox

Gunther tells Ludwig Kaiser he has disappointed him, but Giovanni Vinci impressed him again. Maybe he has put the wrong guy in charge? Now, Kaiser should watch what he does with The Miz.

After The Miz introduces him, Gunther says he has no respect for him because he is nothing but a sports entertainer. The Miz is happy to call himself that, because all of his heroes were sports entertainers. The reason they are remembered is because they aren’t one note robots like him. Gunther is amused by this. He then proceeds to insult The Miz by saying he does not belong in this sport, and he wasn’t bullied enough. Gunther pushes Miz around until he responds by fighting him. After a low blow, The Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale on Gunther.

In a short promo, Ivar challenges Bronson Reed to a match next week.

#5. Chad Gable vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

#6. [WarGames Advantage] Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre – Winner: Drew McIntyre

A battle breaks out between Team Cody and Team Judgment Day. The babyfaces use steel chairs to clear the ring. Afterward, Cody Rhodes lets everyone know that the fifth member of their team at WarGames, is the one and only Apex Predator, Randy Orton!

WWE RAW Results (11/20/2023)

WWE Raw Results (11/20/2023)

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