WWE RAW Results (4/3) Live Coverage – WrestleMania 33 Aftermath & Tons More!


    That leaves them in a situation where his client is looking for new challenges and challengers. Heyman asks if they can imagine Seth Rollins taking on Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he still owes one to The Architect. The crowd doesn’t like that. Heyman tells them to imagine either Matt or Jeff Hardy taking on Lesnar. The crowd starts up the “DELETE” chants. Heyman says Lesnar won’t be one of these champions that’ll take selfies with the titles. Lesnar doesn’t savor his time with the title. Lesnar is the disruptor of the status quo. It’s time here and now to talk about the “2” in 23-2. History demands those 2 go one-on-one to determine whose yard this really is! If you haven’t heard the news, they’re out here talking about Roman Reigns. The crowd loudly boos the mention of his name. Heyman says Reigns is acting like the big dog in WWE. The crowd cuts him off with a loud, “We want Bálor” chant. Heyman asks what becomes of the situation. If Reigns is the big dog, then Brock Lesnar is animal cruelty. Before they came out, his client authorized him to say this: it’s time to give the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania crowd something they will never forget. Heyman says it’s time to deliver something special. It’s time to deliver that one-on-one. Heyman says they want to do it tonight! The crowd cheers for this.

    Braun Strowman’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring. Strowman gets in Lesnar’s face. Strowman says Roman Reigns has Lesnar’s attention. When he’s finished with Reigns, maybe he’ll have Lesnar’s. Strowman says Lesnar has his attention and shoves him back lightly. Lesnar stares at him. Heyman screams in the background, “You’ll break the ring!” Lesnar approaches him and stares at him before smiling. Lesnar lays the title down in between them and extends his arms. The crowd chants, “Braun.” Strowman then backs up and leaves the ring. The crowd chants, “Bulls–t.” Lesnar picks the title up and watches him leave.


    Charly Caruso says in four weeks, Chris Jericho will get a rematch against Kevin Owens. Jericho says this is one of his favorite nights of the year with the best crowd. Jericho says, “Beachball Mania is running wild, brother!” Jericho says this is his crowd and buddies from all over the world. Jericho says, “Cheer me on, man!” The crowd loudly pops for him. Tonight, he starts his revenge on that “stupid idiot” Kevin Owens and will start on the tip of his finger. Jericho talks about how Owens got the tip of his finger on the bottom rope last night. Jericho asks the tip of Kevin Owens’ finger if he knows what happens when you get a rope break. Jericho says, “Tip of Kevin Owens’ finger… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!” Owens then viciously attacks Jericho and throws him into some crates. Samoa Joe shows up to help, and they beat Jericho down to the floor. Owens then gives Jericho a powerbomb through a table!

    -Commercial Break-

    Kurt Angle walks out of the trainer’s room and tells Seth Rollins that Chris Jericho is in no condition to compete tonight. Angle promises to find him a partner.

    #1 Contendership Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles Enzo and Cass vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

    Sheamus and Cesaro come out wearing matching outfits before ripping them off.

    Enzo Amore will start against Ceasro. Enzo applies a side headlock, but Cesaro soon shoulder blocks him down. Cesaro reverses a whip, but Enzo takes him out with a head-scissor takeover for a two count. Cesaro catches him with a back suplex. Sheamus tags in, and Big Cass makes the tag. They lock up, and Cass shoulder blocks him down. They lock up again, and Cass punches away at him. Sheamus punches Cass, but Cass reverses a whip. Sheamus throws himself into Cass before going to the top rope. Cass avoids a diving clothesline and scoop slams him. Enzo tags in, and Cass throws Enzo into Cesaro. Cass then throws Enzo into Sheamus. Sheamus and Cesaro are dumped out of the ring. Cass then presses Enzo over his head and throws him over the top rope onto Sheamus and Cesaro.

    -Commercial Break-

    We come back from the break to see Enzo fight up and try to make a tag, but Sheamus stops him with a rolling senton. Cesaro tags in and hits a double stomp for a near fall. The crowd is serenading Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus tags in, but Enzo avoids a shot in the corner. Cesaro runs in, but Enzo puts him over the top rope. Big Cass and Cesaro fight at ringside until Sheamus hits Cass with a baseball slide. Sheamus lifts Enzo up, but Enzo counters into a DDT. The crowd is going crazy for Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro tags back in, and he uppercuts Enzo before doing the Cesaro Swing with multiple revolutions. Cesaro then goes to the Sharpshooter, but Big Cass runs him over with a big boot. Cass then clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope. The crowd boos him.

    Cass is tagged in, and he shoulder blocks Cesaro down before putting him in the corner and hitting an avalanche. Cass hits a sidewalk slam followed by an Empire Elbow. Cass then big boots him down. Enzo tags in, and they go for the Bada Boom Shakalaka, but Sheamus kills Cass with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then throws Enzo into a vicious uppercut from Cesaro to get the win! The crowd goes crazy.

    Winners by Pinfall: Sheamus and Cesaro

    Sheamus and Cesaro will face The Hardy Boyz at some point for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.

    Seth Rollins and a mystery partner will face Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens later tonight.

    -Commercial Break-

    More coverage of The Undertaker’s retirement is shown.

    Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

    While Sami Zayn is making his entrance, Mahal attacks him and stomps him at ringside. Mahal sends him into the steps and knees him in the face. Zayn clutches his shoulder in pain. Mahal punches away at him and sends him into the steps. Mahal then gets him in the ring.

    The referee checks on Zayn and starts the match. Mahal attacks Zayn and drops some knees on him. Mahal gives him a back elbow and a low dropkick for a two count. Mahal applies a chin lock. Zayn fights up, but Mahal takes him down and drops some more knees for a two count. Mahal goes back to the chin lock, but Zayn fights up. Mahal takes him down with a high knee. Mahal then taunts the crowd. Zayn quickly catches him with an exploder suplex in the corner and follows up with the Helluva Kick for the win.

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