WWE RAW Results (6/12/2023)


    Here are the full results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on June 12, 2023.

    WWE RAW Results (6/12/2023)

    Rhea Ripley is here to be presented with the new WWE Women’s World Championship. Adam Pearce hands a title that likes much like Seth Rollins, except with a white strap. And Dominik Mysterio shows up to put the title around her waist. Wait a minute… Cody Rhodes? He makes his way to the ring. It’s clear what he wants. He challenges Dominik to a match at Money In The Bank.


    Dom Dom says he’s not afraid of anyone in the world. He embarrassed Cody in the middle of this ring, just like he would anyone else. Rhea and Dom continue to stall on purpose to distract Cody enough for The Miz to blindside him. Cody knocks The Miz down, but turns his back on Dominik, who then blindsides him before running away. He accepts the challenge at Money In The Bank.

    #1. Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz — Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Becky Lynch says she has been lucky to have done so many things in her career, but Money In The Bank has been an exception. She talks about whoever gets the MITB holds the power. Zoey Stark appears with an attempt to bring her down, but it doesn’t work. Lynch says she doesn’t have a personality. Stark says she didn’t become relevant because of her personality. She only became relevant because someone broke her face, and she’s been hanging on to that ever since. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville enter and want a piece of Lynch for what happened last week.

    #2. Becky Lynch vs. Chelsea Green — Winner: Becky Lynch via submission

    Damian Priest asks The Judgment Day to let him do his thing alone against Riddle. Ripley and Dom accept, but Balor looks less than pleased.

    #3. [MITB Qualifying] Matt Riddle vs. Damian Priest — Winner: Damian Priest

    Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser show up afterward. Priest tells them to pick the bones. And that’s exactly what they do. Because he took out Vinci last week, Imperium punish Riddle.

    Natalya doesn’t know how to be herself anymore.

    Imperium get in the faces of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Kaiser suggests they put their titles on the line. KO again gets irate and yells at them before storming off. Adam Pearce is going to think about making it a title match.

    #4. Ricochet vs. Bronson Reed — Winner: Bronson Reed by disqualification

    Shinsuke Nakamura caused the DQ. He and Ricochet teamed up to stop Reed in his tracks with a double suplex off the turnbuckle.

    Adam Pearce denies Ricochet a rematch with Bronson Reed next week, because he already has a match with Shinsuke Nakamura. Ricochet doesn’t understand why Shinsuke had to cost him the match. Nakamura says it’s his time to succeed, and he can have Reed after he’s done with him.

    Finn Balor makes his way to the ring. He wants to talk to Seth Rollins. No jokes. No singalongs. Get out there now. Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion. Finn Balor says 7 years ago, he was the #1 draft pick on Raw. He beat Roman Reigns. Then, he defeated Seth Rollins to become the first Universal Champion. The crowd isn’t letting up on the singing. Balor gets annoyed because he’s trying to be serious. He’s been waiting 7 years to say this to him.

    Finn says what should have been his highest of highs didn’t happen because of the injury. But he isn’t specifically bothered about the injury. Seth Rollins took everything from him. He took his momentum, his title, and a year from his career. And now, it’s his time to take Seth’s momentum, title, and a year from his career. And he will do it at Money In The Bank. Rollins laughs. He thanks Kansas. He’s laughing because this is the Finn Balor he’s been waiting to see for the past 7 years.

    One of them got bitter, while the other got better. He’s done some bad things the past 7 years. You know what else he’s done? He has made memories. History. Moments these people will never forget. He has done that because he changed. Adapted. Got better every single day. And now he’s the greatest version of Seth Rollins. You want the proof? It’s right here. The World Heavyweight Championship. He wants a shot? He is on.

    But he’s got to know. What version of him is coming to London? This bitter shell of a champion doesn’t stand a chance. But the Finn Balor that beat him to become the Universal Champion, he’s got a shot. So here’s his question. Is he going to bring that Finn Balor? Or is he bringing the guy who has been walking around for 7 years like a little bitch.

    #5. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler (w/ Ronda Rousey) — Winner: Shayna Baszler with an assist from Rousey

    #6. Chad Gable (w/ Otis & Maxxine Dupri) vs. Erik (w/ Ivar & Valhalla) — Winner: Chad Gable

    Finn Balor is seen backstage talking to JD McDonagh. Damian Priest catches up with Balor and congratulates him for the title shot. Priest says he won’t cash in on him if he wins the contract. But also, Balor needs to go to Money In The Bank and end this.

    Before the main event, Seth Rollins announces there will be an open challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, next week on Raw. Logan Paul returns on the same show. Also, Shinsuke Nakamura will face Bronson Reed.

    #7. [Undisputed Tag Team Championship] Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Imperium’s Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser — Winners: Zayn & KO with a Blue Thunder Bomb and an assist from Riddle

    WWE RAW Results (6/12/2023)

    WWE Raw Results (6/12/2023)

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