WWE RAW Results (6/5/2023)


    Here are the full results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on June 5, 2023. Seth Rollins will have his first title defense against Damian Priest.

    WWE RAW Results (6/5/2023)

    Seth Rollins is in the ring and is in a good mood. He asks when was the last time we had a World Heavyweight Championship match here, live, on Raw. It has been nearly two years. That’s right, two years is too long. He put out an open challenge on Twitter and it was answered by Damian Priest. He’s kinda psyched about it. Rollins wants to fight the best, and the Judgment Day is as good as it gets. He is looking forward to the opportunity to show that as good as they are, they aren’t as good as him.


    Damian Priest & Finn Balor make their way to the ring to talk. Rollins shouldn’t be worried about Dominik or Rhea, because he should be more worried about Priest. Tonight, the World Heavyweight Championship match, he doesn’t need any help from the Judgment Day. Rollins asks Priest to leave his crew in the back so he can prove that, and he accepts.

    • During the next match, Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark watched at least half of it from the titantron.

    #1. [MITB Qualifying] Becky Lynch vs. Sonya Deville (w/ Chelsea Green) — Winner: Becky Lynch

    Sami Zayn is happy that The Usos have finally turned on The Bloodline, but it’s not his problem anymore. Imperium butt in on his and Kevin Owens’ interview time, and KO is not happy about that. Gunther says he lacks discipline and he would like to teach him some discipline. Owens has had enough and wants a fight right now. Let’s go!

    #2. Gunther (w/ Imperium) vs. Kevin Owens (w/ Sami Zayn) — Winner: Gunther

    Matt Riddle is tired of seeing Gunther cheat week after week. Kaiser tells him to watch his mouth. It quickly turns into a fight and Riddle looking to break Vinci’s ankle. Officials come to his aid.

    Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler say it is past time they legitimatize the women’s tag team titles. They ask for anyone to step up to challenge them. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance introduce themselves and would like a shot. Rousey asks if they are in munchkin land and admires their stupidity. Baszler says bravery soon ends when you hear tendons being torn from your body. It sounds like they accepted the match.

    #3. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance — Winners: Rousey & Baszler

    #4. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet — Winner: No Contest because of Bronson Reed’s interference

    Cody Rhodes joins The Miz for Miz TV. The Miz asks if Cody Rhodes is stupid for calling out Brock Lesnar with a broken arm. He thinks it took some balls, but The Miz would know a little something about that. Apparently, The Beast is in hibernation, so that’s too bad. Miz TV likes drama, so seeing as we have a generational talent here, he has invited someone who is the same. The Miz introduces Dominik Mysterio, who walks his way to the ring with Rhea Ripley.

    She says Dom Dom has something to say. He tries insulting Cody but the fans boo him mercilessly. Dominik says Cody is just like Rey, a deadbeat father who should be at home with his kid. Cody knows Rey made some terrible mistakes in his life because he’s looking at one. As Cody turns around for a moment, Dominik hits him with a cheap shot before hiding behind Ripley. The Miz laughs at the situation, so Cody takes him down by hitting him with the cast.

    #5. Zoey Stark vs. Natalya — Winner: Zoey Stark

    Paul Heyman wants to cordially invite us this Friday night when Jey Uso makes his choice. As the wise man, he is tasked with delivering unpleasant news, even if it is to our Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Jey Uso will make his choice and stand by his brother… Solo Sikoa. He can share a womb with his twin brother, but he will never be closer to him than his Tribal Chief. Jey Uso will acknowledge that fact.

    #6. Indus Sher (w/ Jinder Mahal) vs. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander — Winners: Indus Sher

    #7. [World Heavyweight Championship] Seth Rollins (c) vs. Damian Priest — Winner: Seth Rollins retains

    WWE RAW Results (6/5/2023)

    WWE Raw Results (6/5/2023)

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