WWE RAW Results (7/24/2023)


    Here are the full results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on July 24, 2023.

    WWE RAW Results (7/24/2023)


    We open the show with Judgment Day minus Dominik Mysterio. They don’t only run Monday Night Raw, they run all of WWE. After a video package, they introduce the new NXT North American Champion, Dominik Mysterio. After some booing and another package, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens interrupt them. KO remembers this happening before. Do you know what really upsets him? When people don’t learn. Nobody cares what Dominik has to say, ever. Do you want to help this business? Shut your mouth forever.

    Dominik says he will not be disrespected, he is a champion now. Zayn agrees that he is being disrespected, but only because nobody likes him. What if he goes one-on-one with one-half of the tag team champions tonight? How about Dominik vs. Zayn tonight? Dirty Dom likes that idea. After last week, when they demanded a tag title shot, Zayn thinks it’s only right he puts the title on the line. Ripley accepts on Dominik’s behalf.

    #1. [If Becky Loses She Must Get A “Thank You Trish” Tattoo] Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark (w/ Trish Stratus) – Winner: Becky Lynch

    Cody Rhodes is not surprised by what Brock Lesnar did to him. He might as well be called Mr. SummerSlam. Cody is impressed, but guess who wasn’t impressed? His Mother. She used to watch Terry Funk throw fireballs at her husband. When Brock beat him up, he made a fatal mistake. He left him breathing. He wants to go to SummerSlam to embarrass Brock Lesnar. He’s slapping the bear across the face and telling him to come get it. Cody wants to beat him at SummerSlam because it’s what he deserved. He is going to end this.

    #2. [NXT North American Championship] Dominik Mysterio (c) (w/ Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest) vs. Sami Zayn (w/ Kevin Owens) – Winner: Dominik Mysterio after a light distraction by Judgment Day

    Tomasso Ciampa lets Shinsuke Nakamura that he didn’t forget him kicking him last week. He will let him have that one, but don’t show up during his match with Bronson Reed or they will have a problem.

    Apollo Crews steps up to Damian Priest, who accepts his challenge and will dish out his punishment later.

    #3. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Bronson Reed – Winner: Bronson Reed with an assist from Shinsuke Nakamura

    Liv Morgan is coming for Rhea Ripley tonight, who cost her the tag titles and her partner. Also, she is the last person to defeat Ripley. There’s no way she is backing down from this challenge.

    The new Women’s Tag Team Champions are here, and they are offended that Byron Saxton was not there to interview them. Ripley walks in on it and the tag champions quickly change their tune and back away. The Women’s World Champ explains that she warned Liv & Raquel not to get in her way, but they did, so they got what was coming.

    Instead of having a scheduled match, Rhea Ripley viciously destroys Liv Morgan and finishes her off by stomping a chair with Liv’s arm placed between, not once, but twice. Officials do a poor job of stopping her.

    Ricochet gets in the ring and calls out Logan Paul, who eventually blindsides him. Paul gets on his phone with a live call to his followers, but he gets too engrossed to the point Ricochet recovers and takes him out with a superkick and shooting star press.

    Shayna Baszler says at SummerSlam, she is going to settle this by fighting Ronda Rousey. That is the only language she understands.

    #4. Damian Priest vs. Apollo Crews – Winner: Damian Priest

    Drew McIntyre talks to Imperium in the ring. He wants an Intercontinental title match right now. Gunther thinks it is unacceptable, although he understands it. These people, just like McIntyre, never get anything done in life. He humiliated him at WrestleMania, and he will do it again at SummerSlam.

    McIntyre admits that he & Sheamus got too personal in the triple threat, and that allowed Gunther to get the win. He won’t let that happen again. Ludwig Kaiser thinks he is being disrespectful. Drew likes him. He thinks Ludwig should be the leader of Imperium. How about they have a fight right now?

    #5. Drew McIntyre vs. Ludwig Kaiser (w/ Imperium) – Winner: Drew McIntyre

    Matt Riddle appears to help McIntyre, but it’s not enough. Gunther looks to put McIntyre through a table, but is reversed, and McIntyre powerbombs him through a table!

    Ronda Rousey says she doesn’t get in “a fight”, she only ever gets in “THE fight”. She accepts Shayna Baszler’s SummerSlam challenge.

    We have a contract signing between Seth Rollins & Finn Balor to close the show. Rollins says that Balor has figured out he has no chance of beating him at SummerSlam. It will be the end of the Judgment Day. Balor signs the contract. He tells Rollins that he thinks he is so smart. The Judgment Day run this place now. As he talks, the rest of the faction make their way to ringside.

    He has been losing for seven years and it has been driving him insane. It feels like an itch you can’t scratch. At SummerSlam, he is going to make him his 7 year bitch. They attack the World Champion and floor him. Sami Zayn appears with a steel chair and initially evens the odds, until Ripley takes the chair from him. Three of the Judgment Day hit their finishers on Rollins, and the show ends with them standing tall over him.

    WWE RAW Results (7/24/2023)

    WWE RAW Results (7/24/2023)

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