WWE RAW Results (7/31/2023)


    Here are the full results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on July 31, 2023.

    WWE RAW Results (7/31/2023)


    Logan Paul opens the show. He welcomes us to Monday Night RAW. He has this thing where he doesn’t like talking in front of braindead people for too long, so he will make this quick. He is here for Ricochet. All he wanted to do was showcase Ricochet’s athleticism and hype their match at SummerSlam. But then, he was sneak attacked, victimized and abused. While he was down, Ricochet made a spectacle of the whole thing. At SummerSlam, he is going to beat him in the most viral match in WWE history.

    Ricochet is here. He asks what’s going on. He’s trying to spin the story to make him seem like the good guy, but he isn’t in this situation. He may fool his followers, but he isn’t fooling Houston. There match at SummerSlam will be box office, but before that happens, he needs to say something. While he may not like anything about him, he thinks he is a horrible human being. If there is one thing he can respect, he is an athlete, and a showman. Paul appreciates that.

    If they are being honest here, Ricochet is one of the best to ever do it, until he showed up. This thing between them started way back at the Royal Rumble when he made them go viral. They will put on a hell of a match. He extends his arm for a fist bump and Ricochet accepts it. At SummerSlam, he hopes Ricochet has no hard feelings when his fiancé, Samathan Irvin, announces him as the winner. This is enough to goad Ricochet in to attacking him. Paul catches him with a lethal right hand and almost knocks out Ricochet.

    #1. Matt Riddle vs. Ludwig Kaiser (w/ Imperium) – Winner: Ludwig Kaiser

    #2. Maxxine Dupri (w/ Alpha Academy) vs. Valhalla (w/ Viking Raiders) – Winner: Maxxine Dupri

    The Judgment Day arrive to ask who is really going to stop them? They shortlist the so-called heroes on RAW, like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, and Liv Morgan. Nobody is ready to stop the Judgment Day. Finn Balor again talks about Seth Rollins spoiling his career. At SummerSlam, he won’t be able to heal his scars, but he will inflict some. And then, Seth Rollins will have to remember when he got beat for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Dominik Mysterio grabs a mic and is predictably booed en masse. Ripley wishes Kevin Owens & Liv Morgan the best in their recovery. Raquel Rodriguez rushes out to fight Ripley and beats her up while the rest of the Judgment Day look on. Dominik creates an opportunity for Ripley to attack Raquel’s knee. Officials ensure this goes no further.

    We get some backstory behind Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler’s relationship before the next match.

    #3. Shinsuke Nakmura vs. Tommaso Ciampa – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura with a rollup (while pulling on the tights)

    Brock Lesnar is here and has something to say. His name is Brock Lesnar. He is an NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. He is a UFC Heavyweight. Also, he is a WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world. If there is one thing he knows about championships, is that this is fight week. This Saturday, at SummerSlam, in Detroit, he gets paid, to fight, to kick ass, against Cody Rhodes. This Saturday at SummerSlam, Cody Rhodes, gets paid, to get his ass kicked, by Brock Lesnar.

    So let’s cut the crap. He has already been here way too long. If Cody wants to come out here and tell him otherwise, come out and tell him that. Come shake his hand, and he will see him on Saturday. If he doesn’t, then he will see him Saturday. Cody Rhodes answers the call. He extends his arm out for a handshake, and Lesnar shakes it. Cody won’t let go, so Brock shrugs him off and leaves the ring. Cody dives through the rope to attack him. It quickly backfires as Brock smashes him with the steel ring stairs several times. As it looks like Brock is about to leave, he sees Cody getting back up, so he goes back to punishing him. He sends a statement by delivering an F-5 to Cody in the ring, and then leaves.

    #4. [5-Minute Challenge] Gunther vs. Chad Gable – Winner: Chad Gable

    Gunther grabs the microphone from Samantha Irvin and demands that this match continues. An official tells Irvin to announce that this match will continue.

    #5. Gunther vs. Chad Gable – Winner: Gunther

    Gunther stands on the table again and tells the fans to get used to this. On Saturday, he will not lose the Intercontinental Championship. Wherever Drew McIntyre is, take a look at what he did tonight. He will end him once and for all at SummerSlam.

    Becky Lynch says The Man has come around to Houston, Texas. She has done everything she has had to do to get rematch with Trish Stratus. There’s nothing left to do than to do it right now. Trish Stratus enters and says she thought about doing this, but then she thought… nobody tells her when to fight.

    By some fluke, Lynch beat Zoey Stark. She will get her rematch, but Trish will tell her when. She is not going to cheat her out of the rematch. Trish is still dealing with her situation… but wait, Adam Pearce is here. Per the agreement, this match is going to happen tonight, and it will be happening right now.

    #6. Trish Stratus (w/ Zoey Stark) vs. Becky Lynch – Winner: No Contest 

    Zoey Stark immediately interfered, so the match is thrown out. The Man fights them both until Trish hits her with a steel chair.

    Backstage, Adam Pearce tells Trish Stratus she will face Becky Lynch again in two weeks, and this time, Zoey Stark is banned from ringside.

    #7. Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn vs. Judgment Day’s Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio (w/ Rhea Ripley) – Winners: Rollins & Zayn

    WWE RAW Results (7/31/2023)

    WWE RAW Results (7/31/2023)

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