WWE To Release A Digital Album Of Previously Unreleased Theme Music On March 17th


WWE announced today (via press release) that they will be releasing a new digital album titled “Uncaged II”. The album, which hits store shelves on March 17th, will feature the following unreleased tracks:

* Dam-Nation (Rob Van Dam)
* Guard (Big Boss Man)
* Lie Cheat Steal (Eddie Guerrero)
* Trust Me (Jake “the Snake” Roberts)
* Bangers (The Headbangers)
* Shango Tango (Papa Shango)
* Ticking Timebomb (Brian Pillman)
* Snow-Man (Al Snow)
* Pretty Mean Sister (Jacqueline)
* Danger in the Jungle (Haku)
* Radicalz (The Radicalz)
* Storm (Texas Tornado)
* Dragon (Ultimo Dragon)
* Bam Bam (Bam Bam Bigelow)
* Desert Soldier (Colonel Mustafa with General Adnan)
* And Then There Was Darkness (WrestleMania 31) [feat. Shaman’s Harvest]

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