WWE To Release “WrestleMania Monday Is RAW” DVD In March, Mick Foley News


– Wrestling DVD Network reports that WWE will be releasing the “WrestleMania Monday is RAW” DVD in mid- to late-March on both DVD and Blu-ray formats. A documentary main feature is expected to be on the DVD.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to his Facebook page to talk about his connection with movie star Kevin James. He posted the following:


Neither one of us was great, but we pushed each other to be the best we could be. Kevin James was one of the toughest, strongest kids in the school, and being able to hang with him in the wrestling room helped my confidence immeasurably. I was actually running winter track for a couple days in an attempt to get in shape, when a friend of mine, John McNulty stopped me and told me I would get in much better shape by wrestling that I would by running winter track.

If just ONE person had stopped me on my way to the wrestling room and reminded me that Kevin James was already the heavyweight, I would have walked back up those stairs – and practically nothing that I have accomplished would have been possible. While I was not A great amateur wrestler by any means, the experience of wrestling in high school allowed me to believe in myself, and that great things might be possible. Thank you Kevin!”

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