WWE Releases 2012 Annual Report – Details


WWE has released their 2012 Annual Report ahead of the shareholders meeting on April 26th. Vince McMahon has a letter in the report where he reviewed the past year and looks ahead to this year, saying that the company is moving ahead with the WWE Network because there is “desire for more WWE content…With respect to a potential domestic WWE Network, given the size and passion of our fan base and given extensive fan research, we view the premium subscription model, whether through traditional or ‘over-the-top’ distribution, as the best approach to capitalize on our fans’s commitment to our brands.”

McMahon predicts that earnings in 2013 will be flat compared to 2012 due to additional expense to prep the WWE Netowrk launch, but noted that the company believes they are “working to take advantage of signi?cant opportunities, which we believe outweigh our near-term challenges.” He also notes “several important areas” that the company will be investing in, including:

* Building production capacity and creative capabilities

* Enhancing digital and social media platforms such as the WWE App

* Building upon “the range of our talent”

* Strenghtening brand perception, such as John Cena’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen organization

He concluded, “The anticipated expiration of key commercial agreements over the next few years, particularly programming agreements, across the U.S. and major markets, provides a compelling opportunity to optimize the value of our content and products. Based on the tremendous strength of our brands and the rising value of content, we believe we are extremely well positioned to turn these opportunities into a reality. Additionally, we expect our growth will be enhanced by our product innovation, including the launch of new digital, mobile and video game products, as well as the cultivation of emerging markets, continued use of social media and creative marketing to engage our fans, and by our continued focus on the development of our Superstar talent.”

You can see it in full here.

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