WWE Releases Preliminary Third Quarter Figures


WWE has released preliminary third quarter results. Official figures will be reported on November 1st. Here are some details…

* WWE’s North American live attendance was 5,200 per event, which is up from 4,900 in Q3-2011 and even with 5,200 in Q3-2010.

* WWE had 6-8 more domestic events in Q3 compared to the previous two years, but they also had 8-9 fewer international shows this quarter.

* WWE’s website traffic increased compared to previous year. WWE generated 352 million page views in the quarter, compared to 246,000 in Q3-2011 and 339,000 in Q3-2010. Also, average time online was 25 minutes in the quarter, compared to 19 minutes last year and 21 minutes in 2010.

* Home Video shipments were down 4.0 percent and 21.0 percent compared to Q3-2011 and Q3-2010. There was no big seller for the quarter. The Effective Home Video Price was $11, which is down from $13 in Q3-2011 and $12 in Q3-2010.

* Online Merchandise Sales dipped to 54,000 orders vs. 68,000 in Q3-2011 and 59,000 in Q3-2010.

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