WWE Releases Survey Asking How To Use Stars


WWE recently sent out a survey to members of their mailing list. They were looking for feedback on a number of personalities who currently work for and have worked for the company in the past. Fans were asked how familiar they were with them and also asked what roles the audience would want to see them in going forward. Names listed were the following…

* Hulk Hogan

* The Undertaker

* CM Punk

* John Cena

* Ric Flair

* The Rock

* Triple H

* Steve Austin

* The Ultimate Warrior

Once you answer questions about the talents, the survey then provided two “randomly” selected talents and asked fans what scenarios they wanted to see them in within WWE in the future. The scenarios were:

* Wrestling regularly on RAW and SmackDown

* A regular commentator on RAW and SmackDown

* Starring in a WWE Reality Series.

* Starring in a “WWE Highlights Show.”

* Wrestling at WrestleMania or SummerSlam

* Involved in RAW or SmackDown Storylines

* Involved in WrestleMania or SummerSlam Storylines

* Do not want him involved in WWE in the future.

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