​WWE Removes Adam Rose From The ‘Social Outcasts’ Entrance, Bill DeMott News, More


Adam Rose was removed from the “Social Outcasts” entrance video at recent WWE live events. As previously reported, Rose was under suspension from WWE due to a wellness policy violation. WWE.com announced that they granted Rose his release from the company as of today.

The Orlando Sentinel recently posted a story on former WWE NXT head trainer Bill DeMott and University of Central Florida police officer Frank Imparato. DeMott has been working with the police department ever since his daughter Keri Anne was killed after being hit by a drunk driver.


DeMott said: “You meet people in life that you’re connected to for whatever reason, and tragedy brought us together. Frank’s now part of the DeMott family just like I’m part of the UCF Police Department’s family, and we’re trying to change things and save lives.”

Imparto added: “I knew that with Bill’s passion and drive for DUI enforcement, coupled with my drive and passion for DUI enforcement, some real changes could be made. Now as a team, we go out there and educate all our students and make sure they don’t go out there driving and endangering their lives and the lives of others.”

Keith Pumphrey, the man responsible for the wreck, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison in April.

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