WWE Removes All References To Joe Gacy’s New Character After Mainstream Media Press


WWE NXT Superstar Joe Gacy debuted a new character on Tuesday night that was definitely “PC” and garnered a lot of attention from the mainstream media. Gacy’s new gimmick gave a new perspective on “woke” individuals, talking about how the ring is a safe space and he doesn’t need to use his “male privilege” before he lost to Cameron Grimes and then attempted to hug him.

After his character was covered by sites such as FOX News and The New York Post, WWE has seemingly chosen to cancel the gimmick entirely and they’ve removed all mentions of Gacy’s character. All of their original tweets regarding the character have been taken down.

Nothing has officially been released by WWE at this time regarding whether or not Gacy will continue with this gimmick but they clearly weren’t happy with the media coverage.

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