WWE Reportedly Add New Word To Banned Terms List


WWE Superstars and on-screen personalities will reportedly no longer be allowed to use the word ‘attack’ which has been added to the company’s list of banned terms.

On this week’s RAW, Seth Rollins attacked Cody Rhodes, but on commentary, Jimmy Smith corrected himself, saying that Rhodes had been assaulted.

On the Bryan and Vinny Show during the RAW review, Bryan Alverez said that a source in WWE has claimed that ‘attack’ is banned due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict:

“It was Seth Rollins attacking Cody. He [Smith] goes ‘Seth Rollins has attacked Cody. I’m sorry, assaulted.’ And they just kept going. I was like, that was f**king weird. And I went back and listened to it again. And sure as sh*t he goes, ‘Seth Rollins has attacked Cody. I’m sorry, assaulted Cody.’ And then he just moves on and I thought is this f**king word banned?

“I asked someone there and unofficially they said that you can no longer say the word ‘attack’ and I don’t even want to say this because it will end up as a story but you know they basically said like, ‘Russia attacked Ukraine so we don’t want to use the word attacked. Now you have to say assaulted.’ I was like, what?! It was so weird that he said the wrong word and then apologized…So anyway, I don’t think you can say ‘attacked’ in WWE right now.”

Rhodes and Rollins will face off at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 in a Hell in a Cell match on June 5.

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