​WWE Reportedly Censoring CM Punk Merchandise, Today’s Wrestling Birthdays & More


— WWE Diva and Total Divas star Rosa Mendes turns 35 years old today.

— Perry Saturn also celebrates his birthday today. He is 45 years old.

— Scorpio turns 49 today.

— A fan sent the following tidbit to The Wrestling Observer about WWE

The fan, with a nickname of Rabarberium, wrote: “Don’t know if this
counts as news, but someone managed to get hold of the Playstation 3 version of
WWE 2k15, and CM Punk’s ring entrance is identical to how it is in WWE 2k14,
except the CM Punk merchandise hoodie he used to wear in WWE 2k14 has now been
replaced with a completely gray hoodie. They don’t usually censor merch that is
no longer on sale; for instance, Cena is going to have his now old neon green
merchandise in the game.”

This could be due to the legal problems between WWE and CM Punk over his
merchandise. This is what led to WWE getting rid of all of his merchandise from

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