WWE Reportedly Drops Two GM Storylines + More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— According to sources, WWE has quietly dropped the storyline where General Managers AJ Lee and Booker T are depicted as incompetent, leading chief Vince McMahon to fire them both and have both shows overseen by one individual. Some people desired that Ric Flair being place in the role, but the company’s current lawsuit with TNA Wrestling over business practices had made that possibility feasible at this time.

The company also quietly dropped the storyline where announcer Josh Mathews threatened to sue both General Managers for an unsafe working environment.

— Mick Foley is scheduled to promote THQ’s WWE ’13 video game at the Gamer’s Day 2012 convention taking place Oct. 18 in Saudi Arabia at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

— Shelly Martinez discussed her recent journey to St. Paul, Minnesota for Steel Domain Wrestling. Here is a re-post of the video due to issues with Google.

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