WWE Reportedly Nearly Cut Off The Rock’s Mic During Filming


During Sean Waltman’s latest podcast, Waltman referenced the recation backstage during The Rock’s phone call to CM Punk when RAW went off the air. Waltman revealed that at one point, they were heavily considering cutting off The Rock’s mic for referencing CM Punk in the ring.

Obviously there was controversy over The Rock calling CM Punk. I was up in the gorilla position when it was all going down..I’m not going to say who was on the headset saying, “….cut his mic, cut his mic. Doesn’t he realize we’re in a lawsuit with this guy?”

WWE was reportedly very upset with The Rock’s decision to reference Punk for obvious reasons, and when WWE caught wind of where Rock was going with it, they sent someone out to steer The Rock’s promo in a different direction. He was apparently warned that his mic would be cut if he didn’t follow directions. The Rock responded to a fan who said similar things, saying, “They better not cut off my mic.”

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