WWE Reportedly Wants To Induct The Steiner Brothers Into This Year’s Hall Of Fame


Dave Meltzer stated during the latest Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast that Rick Steiner is being talked about getting inducted into this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame class. It was added that WWE would like to also induct his brother, Scott, and put The Steiner Brothers in the class together.

Over the years, Scott has said a lot of negative things about WWE and Triple H, but Vince McMahon is known to bury the hatchet with nearly anyone.


“I’ve heard Rick Steiner or The Steiner Brothers, depending on Scott,” Meltzer said on SNME. “I think if Scott is not willing, they’ll go with Rick. But they want The Steiner Brothers so that’s a name that’s floating around. Sid is the other name that’s floating around.”

WrestlingNews.co reported last September that Vince McMahon has no issues with Scott Steiner and the only reason why he hasn’t been inducted into the Hall of Fame is simply because he has stated several times that he didn’t want to be inducted.

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