WWE Rumored To Build Second Performance Center In Foreign Country


The WWE Performance Center has completely revolutionized the way that WWE trains and signs new stars. With 6 rings, a gym, medical facility, and editing areas, what more could a training WWE star want?

Triple H recently took part in a conference call where he answered numerous questions about the future of WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. Dave Meltzer was reportedly part of this call where he claims Triple H discussed that they were scouting various foreign countries to build a second performance center in.

“He didn’t say where, I mean I heard several different places. I mean Germany obviously, the UK obviously, Saudi Arabia obviously there’s also issues and there’s probably others as well. But many different places, Mexico, South America, Japan — actually I did hear for sure Japan as one of the places.”

Meltzer claims that WWE is only in the investigative stage of the process as they are just “Ear-marketing” these areas. As of right now, it seems like Japan is the leading contender for the new center.

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