WWE RUMORS: Finn Balor Set To Feud With Bray Wyatt After WWE Payback


It has been reported by Dave Meltzer on Tuesday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that Finn Balor is expected to work a program with Bray Wyatt following WWE Payback on April 30th. The two came across one-another when Wyatt appeared on the screen after Balor’s match during the night of RAW’s portion of the “Superstar Shake-Up”.

Meltzer also reported that Balor will be in the Universal Title picture but it will be no time soon, possibly after Brock Lesnar & Braun Strowman’s feud is over. Also, as far as championships goes, this report can also in some ways confirm what most have been predicting in Wyatt not re-gaining the WWE Championship seeing as how he is on Monday Night RAW courtesy of the “Superstar Shake-Up”.

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