WWE RUMORS: Finn Balor’s Injury Sparks More Questioning Of Jinder Mahal’s Steriod Use


If you are not aware, on Monday Night RAW, Finn Balor competed in a match vs. Jinder Mahal. Mahal threw Balor towards the ropes and when Balor bounced back he was met with a brutal forearm that temporarily knocked the former WWE Universal Champion out. Most thought that it was just a rough blow considering Balor is much smaller than Mahal but PWInsider reported that Balor does indeed have a concussion.

CagesideSeats has also reported that Balor has a concussion and although he was able to get through the match, he was “not all there”.


WWE fans have been stating that Mahal needs to be tested due to his new & impressive physique was a shock. They took to Twitter stating that Mahal’s “steroid usage” is the reason why he hit Balor so hard in their match on RAW.

WWE has yet to officially confirm that Balor does have a concussion but due to the outrage on Twitter and other wrestling sources stating similar accusations, many have thought to believe that Finn is definitely concussed.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio also noted that at the beginning of the year Jinder Mahal’s “bulked-up trapezius muscles and acne on his back” are signs that he may be on steroids. Mahal has yet to be tested or tried with a Wellness Policy Suspension from WWE.

Although Mahal is facing steroid use allegations he did take to Instagram to defend himself:

“Anyone else on the roster have veins in their abs??….And of course I’ll get a hundred ‘steroid’ or ‘wellness’ comments…. I’ve been tested multiple times since coming back, and have never once in over six years with WWE had any issues. Follow my IG stories or my SnapChat and you can see that no one is out-training me, and no one is out-dieting me.”

Mahal has been moved over to Smackdown Live which most have speculated was because of the potential Balor concussion. If Balor is not active on Monday Night RAW next week the allegations will indefinitely grow larger.

Once again, these are possibly just rumors and until Jinder Mahal is properly proven to have used steroids and although Finn Balor may have a concussion, until WWE officially confirms it, nothing is set in stone.


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