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NewsWWE RUMORS: Reasons Why Natalya Has Not Gotten Over As A Heel

WWE RUMORS: Reasons Why Natalya Has Not Gotten Over As A Heel



Natalya has been working the heel-role for quite some time now in WWE. But, there has been something that has prevented Natalya from getting the heel reaction that she needs to be one. Even Natalya herself, in interviews has stated that she has not gotten the reaction that she expects.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had this to say regarding why Natalya cannot get over:

“Natalya has been pushed as the leader of the new heel group and is the best wrestler on the Smackdown women’s roster. She and Charlotte have done programs before. Their NXT stuff really helped change the face of the women and put Charlotte on the map in many ways. Their Raw stuff was a disappointment due to some bad finishes and cut times of the big bouts. Now the roles are reversed, which is okay. But the problem with Natalya is still the people who watch Total Divas like her. It comes across that she’s this nice pretty woman always struggling with her position in the company and hoping for a break. That makes her someone people can relate to and is being told to play a bad guy in an attempt to do something with her and is struggling with getting over in that role. That’s not exactly a heat getting heel role.”

Natalya being extremely active on social media, knowingly being a positive person participating in WWE’s anti-bullying campaigns and other WWE affiliated programs. Natalya has social media accounts for her pets and that also is not helping her draw the heat that she wants. The “crew” she is currently running with (Tamina, Carmella, James Ellsworth) will possibly draw some negative attention to Natalya for interfering in current SD Live Women’s Champion Naomi & Charlotte’s feud.



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