WWE’s Brutal Travel Schedule, Summer Rae-WWE Update, More


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— A lot of fans are unaware of just how difficult of a job it is to be a performer WWE. A lot of miles are traveled every week. Summer Rae, who has started appearing on Monday Night RAW as the dancer for Fandango, posted an update on Twitter on just how hectic that travel schedule is. Since she’s new to the main roster, she revealed that she loves her job. Summer tweeted:

“In the last 24hrs – an hour flight, a 8hr flight, a 4hr bus ride, then a 3hr car ride…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Speaking of Summer Rae, she was used as the dancer for Fandango during the European tour. She managed to generate enough interest for WWE to utilize her again this week on Monday Night RAW. The belief is that the developmental Diva will be taking on the role permanently and could eventually be a part of a bigger storyline for Fandango.

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