WWE’s Dispute Over YouTube Video + RAW Social Media


— WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan worked an Extreme Wrestling Federation event this past weekend and won the Midwestern Championship. The event took place in Indiana.

— According to Trendrr.TV, RAW’s social media score was #1 for the night. The show 413,537 in social activity, which was up 40 percent compared to last week, and beat out both Monday Night Football Games. RAW ranked #1 on cable for the first time since RAW 1,000, and also scored its highest social score since July 23. The Chargers vs. Raiders NFL game scored 354,760 in social activity and the Bengals vs. Ravens game scored 312,128.

The Chronicle Herald reports that WWE is in a dispute with Dave Carroll, a man who recorded a song about United Airlines for breaking his guitar. He had his music video, “United Breaks Guitars”, pulled by YouTube due to a copyright violation on behalf of WWE.

He contacted WWE, who told him it was probably a clerical error and there shouldn’t be an issue. Carroll said: “He said as far as he knew, there would be no issues with copyright and infringement. He didn’t know why (it happened) but he would be looking into it to get it reversed.”

The video was back on YouTube as of yesterday. Carroll still wants an explanation, but YouTube has not commented.

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