WWE’s Mid-South Library Purchase, AJ Lee Speaks, More


— WWE’s purchase of the Mid-South tape library was actually finalized over the last two weeks with a deal agreed to back in June. WWE confirmed the purchase this week.

Anthony Benigno and Joey Styles of WWE.com are featuring an interview with Mick Foley where he talks about Ryback facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship tonight at the Hell in a Cell PPV. “If there was ever a time not to hold anything back, it is in this match. We haven’t seen Ryback pushed past the five-minute mark. Five minutes would be a long Ryback match … [Punk] had a day off and spent it running a marathon; that is a guy who is in prime condition.”

Matt Kodner of Gameological.com is featuring an interview with WWE star AJ Lee who talks about being a gamer and how it is hard to hold conversations with people backstage in WWE. “I wanted to talk about being really excited about Resident Evil coming out, and there’s no one, people in locker room going, “Uh…” and I’m like, “Let me go find Kofi [Kingston].” [Laughs.] I think there’s a bigger amount of people now. There used to be a different generation of people that were into partying or hanging out. Now we’re getting all nerdy, and there are comic books and video games. So amongst the guys I’m not a minority, but definitely amongst the girls.”

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