WWE’s Plans For Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards?


RF Video’s Rob Feinstein wrote on Facebook that he knows what WWE’s plans are for Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, the American Wolves.


He said that they have not actually signed with WWE and are working NXT while fulfilling prior dates outside the company. WWE wants to keep the two together as a tag team for a few more months in NXT, then call them up to SmackDown together. They want to see how the two get over as a team on television. They debuted at the NXT tapings this week as “The American Pitbulls”. William Regal and Joey Matthews are the two pushing Triple H to give them another chance.

Richards tweeted recently: “@ringofhonor our time may possibly be coming to end. In my heart I will always and proudly be an “ROH GUY”. I’m forever in debt to you.”

Feinstein said that Vince McMahon is still against the idea of signing and pushing any more “top indy” guys as they are “too hard to transform” and WWE has enough of them right now.

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