WWE Saturday Morning Slam Finishes First Season


The first season of WWE Saturday Morning Slam has ended after 38 episodes. On Saturday, the CW Network is advertising a second episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai in place of Saturday Morning Slam.

“WWE Saturday Morning Slam started airing in August of 2012, and the 30-minute show lasted for 38 episodes. While nothing has been confirmed, there is a possibility that the show will return for a second season in the early fall.”

WWE sent eWrestlingNews.com the following statement regarding Saturday Morning Slam possibly ending:

“It has always been the plan to air the first season of WWE Saturday Morning Slam on the CW from August of 2012 through May of 2013, as this is a typical television season. WWE is currently in discussions about a second season, and if we reach an agreement, the show will begin airing again in August.”

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