WWE SD Rating, JR’s WWE Future?, Goldust In Political Ad


— Jim Ross spoke with ESPN promoting the 1,000th RAW and said that while he doesn’t plan on returning to full-time announcing on Raw, he will never officially retire. Ross said, “This organization has been a big part of my life. This show has a lot more meaning that people will ever perceive. My father died while I was working on the show. My mother died while I was working on the show. When am I going to retire? When they write my eulogy.” You can read the article at this link.

— JBL is in St. Louis, MO and is expected to appear on the 1,000th WWE RAW tonight. As noted earlier, Ron Simmons is also backstage. APA Reunion?

— Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown did a 2.02 (2.0) cable rating, with 2.96 million viewers. It is the highest-rating show since March 9th. On cable TV for the night, SmackDown ranked #6 in overall viewers. It was #1 among males 12 – 34 and #2 among teen males and adult males, getting beat out by TNT’s airing of The Dark Knight.

— Here is a political ad for Republican Florida Congressional candidate Ted Yoho featuring Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes plays a pig slinging mud at other “pigs” as a representation of the idea that Yoho wants to end the mudslinging in Washington.

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