​WWE Settles Lawsuit Over WCW Theme Music


Source: Pwinsider.com

The lawsuit between WWE, Michael Hayes, WWE composer Jim Johnston
and Badstreet, USA and WCW Slamjam theme music composer James Papa was
officially settled with a court filing on May 5.

Per the filing, the two sides resolved their issues after an
Alternative Dispute Resolution conference. The announcement comes after WWE
Network versions of WCW PPV’s using the Slamjam CD era theme songs were placed
on the Network. These replaced versions of the PPV that had edited out the
original music. It’s not confirmed, but it’s likely that the settlement included
the company buying the rights to the WCW music.

Another lawsuit brought against the company by Harry “Slash”
Grivas and Roderick Kohn for the rights to the original music used in ECW that
WWE had been using was resolved with a settlement, which saw WWE purchase the
catalog outright.

Papa filed his lawsuit in July 2012. He claimed the WWE was using
the material without his permission, had co-opted copyright registrations for
the songs, and wrongly attributed them to Johnston and had cost Papa money after
the former WWE videogame licensee reached out to him about the rights to
“Badstreet, USA” for a videogame only to drop interest and use a “clone” of the
song that WWE provided instead.

He later filed an amended lawsuit against WWE, Hayes, Johnston,
WWE’s Stephanie Music Publishing Inc., VE Newco LLC, the parent company of
Vivendi Entertainment who handles the distribution of WWE Blu-rays and DVDs),
Yukes, and Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two Interactive recently acquired the
license for the WWE videgames last year after THQ filed for bankruptcy.

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