WWE Shows Love To Trump, Gaspard/BET, The Fink


— A recently filed 2010 tax return from The Donald J. Trump Foundation shows that the foundation has a fair market value of $2.255 million and a lot of that came from WWE donations. WWE has donated $5 million to Trump’s foundation over the past few years.


— Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard will be on BET’s “The Game” program tonight at 10pm EST.

— WWE is working on a new focus study related to television that targets males and females, aged 12 through 17.

— Today marks WWE Hall of Famer Howard “The Fink” Finkel’s 35th year as a ring announcer. Finkel has an article up on WWE.com looking at his career. Below is an excerpt: “You know, I am constantly asked what stands out as my most memorable ring announcing moment through the years. There are so many of them that it’s always been hard to isolate on just one. However, thanks to CM Punk, he was instrumental in creating a very special moment for me. I had the pleasure of introducing him last November at Survivor Series, in the place where it all started – Madison Square Garden. And when I was introduced, the reception I received was very nice. But then all of a sudden the Garden faithful started chanting my name, and that moved me to tears. It was like I had come full circle; they were not only welcoming me back, but saying thank you as well.

But I also say thanks to all of you, who with your support have allowed me to continue to live a dream that today hits the 35-year mark. And thinking of that slogan “life begins at forty,” rest assured I hope to accomplish that milestone from a ring announcing standpoint as well!”

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