WWE Smackdown (1/10) Results: Punk, NAO Vs. The Shield


    [Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Philadelphia, Pa] [Date: 1/10/14]


    Welcome to WWE Smackdown, we get a video package of what’s been going on with Daniel Bryan as of late. Our first match is next.

    The Usos vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

    Uso and Harper kick things off, they lock up, Luke with right hands then a uppercut. Uso shoots off the ropes and catches him with a kick to the gut. A tag to this bro and they connect with a double axe off the top. Harper catches him with a right hand and now Rowan is in. Eric with a elbow to the head then a suplex, but Uso fights out. He shoots off the ropes and tries to roll him up. Eric goes for a leg drop off the reversal, but misses. He throws him in the air and Uso lands on his face. Rowan puts Uso in the corner and clobbering shots in the corner as Harper is tagged in. Luke with a chop to the chest as the Wyatt Family says in control. Frequent tags in and out by the Family. Uso fights back and lands a kick to the face. Luke is in and knocks his bro off the apron and lands a huge boot to the face of Uso.

    -Commercial Break-

    We come back and the Wyatt Family is still in control. The Uso makes his comeback with a jaw breaker then a boot to the face. Uso with a dive off the top rope and this is a game changer. Uso gets the hot tag as well as Harper does. Uso with a series of clothesline then a kick to the gut. A right hand followed by a forearm in the corner. A Samoan drop and hits the butt splash in the corner. A kick to Rowan, but off the distract, Harper lands a sit down powerbomb. A roll up by Uso for a count of 2. Uso sends Harper out of the ring and lands a outside dive onto Harper. Both men do not get in the ring as everyone’s takes out each other. Harper sends Uso hard into the steel steps.

    The Match ends in a double count out

    After the match, the Uso’s retreat to the back and both teams square off. But from behind Bray and Daniel Bryan attack them from behind. Bray hits “Sister Abigail” on one of the Uso and they stack the bodies.

    There is a backstage segment with Randy Orton and Vickie Guerrero. Orton is upset with how things are going right now. Randy says he will address Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on this Monday’s RAW.

    The Shield vs. CM Punk and The New Age Outlaws is our main event.

    -Commercial Break-

    Miz TV with the Big Show. Miz shows video of Brock Lesnar attacking Mark Henry and breaking his arm on Raw. Big Show makes his way to the ring and he says he does not like Brock Lesnar. He never has and everyone is afraid to comfort Lesnar. Will he is not. He says Brock Lesnar is not the beast he once was. He issues Lesnar to a fight. Paul Heyman comes down to the ring, he introduces himself and says on the behalf of Brock Lesnar he accepts. He says Lesnar does not fight when Big Show wants to fight him, but he will fight him at the Royal Rumble.

    -Commercial Break-

    We are shown a Raw exclusive of Too Cool’s match on “Old School Raw”

    The WWE Network highlight video package talking about it is shown.

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans & Ryback & Curtis Axel

    Matadore and Curtis Axel start things off, Axel with a suplex then sends him into the ropes and lands a shoulder tackle. Matadore sends him into the corner and lands a few chops. Matadore stands on the rope and hits a spring board head take over. The other Matadore is tagged in, but backed in the corner and Cesaro is tagged in. he lands a suplex, but taken down with a head takeover. Matadore with a spring board elbow and tags in Sin Cara who lands a missile drop kick on Cesaro. Ryback tagged in and Sin Cara this a series of drop kicks. Rey tagged in and goes for 619, but Ryback goes to the floor.

    -Commercial Break-

    We are back with Rey getting hit with a knee by Swagger. Jack with a back elbow then goes for Swagger bomb, but blocked an caught with a knee. Matadore take out Ryback on the outside. The bull takes out Curtis Axel on the floor. Back in the ring, Rye with a kick and goes for a head take over. Swagger blocks and goes for the Ankle lock, but Rey rolls through and has him land on the middle rope. Rey goes for the 619, but blocked and Swagger with a slam. It’s broken up by Sin Cara, but Cesaro send shim to the floor. Swagger and Rey are the legal men, Jack goes for a powerbomb, but blocked and Rey nails the 619 followed by the splash off the top for the win.

    Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & Los Matadores

    -Commercial Break-

    The Royal Rumble main event, how we got here video package is shown


    Champion Vs. Champion Match: Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston

    They lock up, a test of strength under way. A shoulder tackle by Langston and Orton rolls out of the ring. We finally get going when starts landing a series of right hands that brings the big man to his back. Orton with a kick then a knee to the ribs followed by an uppercut. He shoots off the ropes and is caught with a shoulder block by Langston. Big with a right hand and this one is turning into a fight. Langston with more right hands and backs him into the corer with shoulder blocks. Orton fights back with kicks, out of nowhere Langston lands a suplex on the knee and with another for a count of 2. Randy with right hands, then sends him in the corner, but reversed and Langston with a spear in the corner. Big goes for a suplex and Orton rolls out of the ring.

    -Commercial Break-

    Langston sends him into the barricade, he throws him back into the ring. Orton rolls to the apron and Langston with spears while he is on the apron. Langston goes for a big spear and Orton moves as Langston falls to the floor. Orton poses while Langston gets back in the ring. Orton with stomping kicks to the big man and Orton controls this one until Langston makes his comeback. Langston is sent into the corner and fires out with a clothesline. Langston with a series of clotheslines then a belly to belly suplex. Langston with the big splash for a count of 2. Big e goes for something, but blocked and Orton connects with a back breaker followed by a kick to the ribs. Orton with the second rope DDT, Randy calls for the end. He goes for the RKO, but blocked. Langston with a big splash in the corner and Orton pokes him in the eye and hits the RKO for the win.

    Winner: Orton.

    Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt are in the back. They do a promo about The Usos and their match set for Monday’s RAW. Bryan says everything we believe in is a lie and now he knows the truth.

    -Commercial Break-

    R Truth is on commentary for this match.

    Xavier Woods vs. Fandango

    Woods with a head take over, Fandango with right hands then sends him to the outside. Woods on the apron rolls him up for the win out of nowhere.

    Winner: Woods

    Rae starts yelling at Woods, Cameron and Naomi beat down Summer Rae after the match. Fandango attacks him after the match and Truth makes the save. They all dance after the match.

    The Uso’s do a backstage promo about their match with Wyatts.

    -Commercial Break-

    The Raw rebound is shown.

    Before the match, Roman Reigns does a backstage promo about Jake Roberts, but he defeated CM Punk. Dean Ambrose complains about snakes and how it freaks him out. He said he would choke the snake out. Seth Rollins says tonight is not about “Old School Raw”, but tonight is about the future. HE says tonight, they will break CM Punk and they will prove they are the future.

    The Shield Vs. CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws

    Punk and Ambrose start things off, they lock up and after a bit slow of a start to the match. Punk takes him down with a headlock and tags in Road Dogg. He works the arm then tags in Gunn. He works the arm some more, but Ambrose with a eye poke. Rollins tagged in and Gunn lands a arm take over. He works the arm, Dogg tagged in, he works the arm some more. They continue to work the arm until Rollins catches him with a right hand, but tripped by Punk and works the leg. Punk is driven into the corner and Ambrose lands right hands. Dean with a stiff right hand and send shim into the ropes, after a wild kick, Dean slides to the floor. The rest of the Shield tries to attack Punk, but the NAO sends them to the floor.

    -Commercial Break-

    Punk rolls up Rollins for 2, Seth with elbows to the back of the head then tags in Reigns. He kicks im then works the back. He has him in an arm submission, but Punk fights out as the “CM Punk” Chants start. Punk shoots off the ropes and hits a drop kick. Dogg tagged in, off a double team hip toss. Reigns with a head butt and tags in Ambrose who lands a stiff right hand. Road Dogg with right hands after a bit of dancing then a knee drop for 2. Dogg catches Rollins with a knee off the top rope (blind tag) he tags in Reigns who works a double leg split of the Road Dogg. The Shield controls the action until Dogg hits a DDT out of nowhere. Rollins knocks Gunn off the apron and Punk is tagged in. He lands a heel kick and a series of clotheslines followed by a neck breaker. Punk with a running high knee and a spring board cross-body for 2. Punk goes for GTS, but blocked. They both go for a cross-body and they teach the count of ten. They tag in their partners (Gunn and Reigns) Gunn with right hands, a big boot and a big suplex on Rollins. A suplex on Reigns for a count of 2. Ambrose sends Dogg to the floor and Punk takes out Rollins with a dive to the floor where Rollins is sent crashing into the barricade. Billy goes for the fameaser, but Reigns spears him out of nowhere.

    Winners: The Shield

    The Shield celebrates and that is end of show.

    Thanks for reading and we will see you Monday.

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