WWE Smackdown (12/20) Results: Tag Team Match Main Events!


    Welcome to Smackdown, We are airing from San Antonio, Texas


    We get a video package of what happened on Raw this week.

    Randy Orton comes to the ring, he says complains about what happened on Raw and having to face a Daniel Bryan then left John Cena face down because he is the champion of champions. John Cena comes out, he says that he is out because Orton holds the titles and he wants to be champion. He says everyone wants to be champion, he says that Orton is the face of the company but now everyone watching Randy with everything he does. How does he want to be remember? Or is he just a coward. Orton says that he had to do to win but Cena says that Daniel Bryan won by DQ. Cena says that Orton took the easy way out when he faced Bryan but Randy says that Bryan does not deserve a title shot. Bryan interrupts and comes down to the ring, he says he gets why Orton did what he did on Raw because he afraid that Bryan will beat him. He says that Orton does not deserve to be called champion. The Shield comes down to the ring and are about to attack but CM Punk race down to the ring to help them. Vickie Guerrero comes out and makes a match with them tonight.

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    Big E Langston vs. Jack Swagger

    A lock up, but Langston with several head butts then throws him into the corner. Back and forth until Swagger takes out his left leg. He works over the leg then sends him in the corner where he lands knee shots to the midsection. Swagger with a clothesline for a near fall, Swagger locks in a face lock but Langston fights out. Langston with a belly to belly, Big E with a clothesline and makes his comeback. Langston with a spear in the corner, he hits the big splash for a near fall. Cesaro gets on the apron but Henry takes him out. Langston with a big clothesline followed by the “Big Ending” for the win.

    Winner: Langston in 2:50

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    Brie Bella vs. Tamina Snuka

    Brie pushes her down then sends her out of the ring. Brie with a drop kick the Snuka gets back in the ring where Brie hits her with a big slap. Snuka catches her and nails a suplex. Snuka with several kicks then drags her out of the ring the hard way and runs her into the apron back first. Back in the ring, Snuka gets a near fall, Snuka with a knee drop. Snuka with a headlock but Brie fights out of the hold with kicks. AJ Lee is on commentary and apparently she cooks breakfast for Tamina. Brie with a drop down and a knee to the face, A drop kick followed by another one, Brie comes off the top with a drop kick for a near fall. Brie runs right into a super kick for a near fall. Tamina comes off the top but misses the splash and Brie rolls her up for the win.

    Winner: Brie Bella in 3:00

    After the match, Brie pushes AJ Lee into the chair. WOOO

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    Sin Cara Vs. Drew McIntyre

    Cara sends him outside then back in where he hits a cross body, McIntyre hits a drop kick then a suplex on the ropes. McIntyre with several kicks then sends him into the corner but runs into a elbow. Cara with an arm drag followed by a head take over. Cara with a back elbow for a near fall, He hits a kick then comes off the ropes for his front senton finisher and that’s it.

    Winner: Cara in 1:158

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    Brodus Clay Vs. Tensai

    Tensai with several punches, headbutts in the corner and elbows. Tensai shoots off the ropes with a clothesline then misses a splash. Clay with a splash in the corner then another, he shoots off the ropes with a head butt then follows it up with a splash for a near fall. Clay with another splash and a little dance, Clay is about to go for a splash but Naomi and her win come out dancing with Xavier Woods. Tensai rolls him up for the win, after the match Woods comes down and attacks Clay.

    Winner: Tensai in 2:00

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    Wyatt Family Vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

    Stare off between Goldust and Rowan, Goldust with a right hand and they trade shots. Rowan with a shoulder block then sends him into the ropes but slapped by Goldie. They trade right hands but Goldust send shim into the other corner but reversed. Harper now in, a double team move by the family, Goldust with a right hand then tags in Cody. They trade right hands but Harper shoots off the ropes but runs into a clothesline. Another tag to Goldust and they hit a double team right hand. Harper with one of his won and lands a big one in the corner, Luke sends him into the corner then a knee lift. Goldust with some chops but Luke sends him into the corner and rowan with head butts. Rowan with a big suplex but blocked, Goldust with right hands but Rowan locks in a face lock as JBL and Cole argue. Rowan with face rip yes a face rip you know rack to the eyes. A high elbow to Goldust then tags in Harper for a suplex. Goldust misses a cross body and this leads to break

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    The Wyatt’s keep control until Goldust hits the cross Rhodes on Harper. He gets the tag to Cody who hits a clotheslines then a boot. Cody with a right hand followed by a drop kick. Cody rolls him up for 2; Cody takes out Rowan then the disaster kick followed by the moonsult for a near fall. Goldust takes out Rowan but Harper takes out Cody but Goldust takes out Harper and hits a dive onto Rowan. Harper with a big boot on Goldust and Bray sends Cody into the ring post, back in the ring Luke hits his finisher which is a clothesline for the win.

    Winner: Wyatt Family in 14:11

    After the match, Daniel Bryan makes the save and attacks the Family with a steel chair. Bryan with a drop kick to Rowan and send them all to the back.

    -Commercial Break-

    Damien Sandow does a promo about people that they do not need for Christmas, Your Welcome! Miz comes out and interrupts, the following match is now.

    Damien Sandow Vs. The Miz

    Sandow with a kick, knee’s but Miz right an elbow and right hands. Miz with a clothesline followed by a neck breaker then a kick to the hamstring of Sandow. Miz locks in the figure four leg lock but Sandow grabs the bottom rope. Sandow with a roll up for the win.

    Winner: Sandow in 1:26

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    Kofi Kingston Vs. Fandango

    Fandango with a shoulder block then back and forth until Kofi hits a drop kick for a near fall. Kofi with a monkey flip but Fandango hits a clothesline followed by elbows. Fandango with right hands but Kofi with some of his own, Fandango stays in control until Fandango misses an knee drop off the top rope. Kofi makes his comeback, a drop kick then the “boom drop” followed by a drop kick. Kofi goes for an outside dive but blocked. Fandango comes off the top with a leg drop for the win.

    Winner: Fandango in 3:26

    Daniel Bryan does a backstage interview but The Wyatt Family takes him out.

    -Commercial Break-

    Vickie has said the show must go on and it turns into a handicap match.

    John Cena and CM Punk Vs. The Shield

    Punk and Ambrose start things off, Punk with right hands then tags in Cena. A double team move which Cena hits a drop kick, Cena with a bull dog then tags in Punk. CM Punk with a suplex with the help of Cena then another suplex followed by an elbow by Punk.

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    The Shield is in control once we come back with quick tags in and out, they keep control but Cena will fight out and try to get the tag but can’t get to CM Punk. Finally Cena hits the DDT and tags in Punk who clears house. Punk with kicks then a heel kick followed by a clothesline. Punk with a high knee followed by a dive to the outside. Back in the ring he hits a spring board clothesline; Punk hit the high knee in the corner and hits the elbow off the top rope. Punk goes for the GTS but blocked then Punk hits a DDT on both Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns comes in and they start brawling, they beat down Punk to call for the bell.

    Winner: Cena and Punk Via DQ in 13:35

    They beat down both men after the match and hit the Triple powerbomb on Cena and Punk but wait, Big E. Langston clears the house and stands off with Roman Reigns to end Smackdown.

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