WWE Smackdown (12/27) Results: Cena Vs. Rollins


    We are airing from Corpus Christi, Texas on Syfy channel for the last Smackdown of 2013.


    John Cena opens SmackDown and talks about this being the last SmackDown of 2013. He says he wants a rematch against Randy Orton. The Shield interrupts him and attacks him until Mark Henry and Big E Langston make the save. Kane comes out and announces the following matches for tonight: Dean Ambrose vs. Big E. Langston, Seth Rollins vs. John Cena and then for our main event Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry.

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    Wyatt Family vs. The Usos.

    Harper and Uso start things off and the Uso takes out the Wyatt Family and nails outside dive onto them. Back in the ring where Uso with a kick to the ribs then a roll up for 2. He runs into a right hand. When Harper goes for a move in the corner he meets a right hand then USO lands a dive off the top rope for 2. Uso runs into a right hand then a clothesline by Harper and a splash by Rowan ends this one fast.

    Winners: Wyatt Family in 1:09

    After the match the Family beats them down even more, “Follow the Buzzards”

    Backstage interview with Randy Orton talking about being champion. Dolph Ziggler interrupts Orton talking. Then out of nowhere Kane appears and makes Orton vs. Ziggler for tonight.

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    Antonio Cesaro vs. Cody Rhodes

    They lock up, and then Cody backs Cesaro into the corner and lock up once again. Cesaro works the left arm but a take down by Cody, Cody then sends Cesaro out of the ring and Goldust scares Cesaro. Both teams stare off then back in the ring where Cesaro kicks his hand then back him into the corner then into the other one where Cody rolls him up for 2. They trade right hands but Cesaro dumps Cody to the floor as Goldust comes to Cody’s side. Back in the ring Cesaro gets a cover for 2, Cesaro with right hands in the corner drops Cody to his knees, and Cesaro lands a suplex for a near fall. Cesaro locks in a head submission but Cody fights out and hits a heel kick. Here comes Cody, an uppercut then a front suplex for a count of 2. Cody with a right hand then shoots off the ropes with a clothesline and knocks Swagger off the apron but Cesaro rolls him up off the distraction for the win.

    Winner: Cesaro in 4:45

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    Prime Time Players vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel.

    Darren Young and Ryback start things off, A lock up then Ryback lands a right hand on Young. Darren with a kick to the legs and tags in Titus who then lands a double team suplex. O’Neal with right hands but Ryback lands some of his own, Titus with a shoulder block then a clubbing right hand. He sends him into the ropes but a blind tag by Ryback has Axel come in off a kick to the back. Axel with right hands in the corner but O’Neal makes a small comeback but not for long when Axel lands a drop kick on the big man. They control the action until Young gets the hot tag and clears house. A suplex bridge for 2 when Ryback breaks it up. They clothesline Ryback out of the ring and Young rolls up Axel for the win.

    Winners: Prime Time Players Via pin fall

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    Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Both men lock up, then Orton slides out of the ring, Back in the ring once Orton gets back in they do it again but this time Orton it’s a shoulder block and show boats. They lock up again but Ziggler walks into a kick, Ziggler with right hands and backs him into the corner but Orton lands a kick. Randy with a suplex for a near fall, Orton throws him into the corner but Ziggler lands an elbow. Dolph with right hands in the corner and mocks Orton. Ziggler with a snap nare followed by a elbow for 2 fall. Ziggler stares down Orton who throws him head first into the corner, Orton with right hands then beats him down but shoots off the ropes, eats a drop kick from Ziggler.

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    Ziggler throws him into the ring for a near fall; Ziggler shoots off the ropes and eats a elbow by Orton. Randy misses in the corner and Ziggler nails a drop kick. Dolph misses a splash and Orton sends him shoulder first into the corner. Randy locks in a headlock but Ziggler fights out with a jaw breaker. Ziggler shoots off the ropes with a cross body and lands several right hand. Ziggler with a splash in the corner and lands ten right hands. Ziggler with a neck breaker followed by the big elbow for 2 count. Ziggler lands the big DDT for a near fall. Ziggler goes to the top rope but knocked down, Randy hits a suplex off the top rope but blocked and Orton sent to the mat. Ziggler lands a drop kick off the top for a near fall. Dolph in distress, he sends him shoulder first in the corner then lands the famouser for 2 count. Ziggler with right hand sin the corner but Orton lands a poke to the eye and hits the RKO for the win.

    Winner: Randy Orton in 10:30

    After the match, Randy Orton beats him down even more then hits the DDT off the barricade.

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    The twelve divas jingle bell match from Raw was shown (Only clips)

    The Shield does a backstage promo about their matches tonight.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow

    Bryan with a series of kicks in the corner but Sandow with elbows to the back f the head. Bryan with a knee to the midsection but Sandow grabs the bottom rope to make the break. Sandow with several right hands then sends him to the floor then into the barricade. Back in the ring, Sandow with a pin attempt for two then a knee to the ribs and a suplex. Sandow with the big elbow for a near fall, Sandow locks in a headlock but Bryan fights out. DB shoots off the ropes but eats an elbow, he send shim into the corner and lands right hands. He sends him into the corner but Bryan moved and lands a clothesline. Bryan puts him in the corner and lands a flying knee, Bryan hits a head take over from the top rope. Bryan with kicks to the chest but misses the head kick and Sandow rolls him up. Bryan nails the head kick then the flying knee and this one is over.

    Winner: Bryan Via pin fall

    After the match, Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about how Bray is a god!

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    Big E Langston vs. Dean Ambrose

    Langston drives Dean into the corner then sends him into the other where he hits a shoulder block. Ambrose with a knock down then a right hand, he hits a drop kick as the announcers talk about unifying the secondary titles. Langston fights out of a headlock but Ambrose lands a knee to the gut. Dean comes off the top but Langston throws him off and lands a series of clotheslines. Langston with a belly to belly then lands the big splash. Dean throws him out to the floor but Cena and Henry protect him from Rollins and Reigns. Dean throws Big E back into his ring but Langston hits a clothesline then the big ending for the win.

    Winners: Langston in 2:31

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    Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry

    They lock up then Reigns with a right hand, roman gets pushed out to the floor like it was nothing, back in the ring where Reigns takes control then locks in a headlock but Henry fights out of it. Mark throws Reigns in the air then a shoulder block, here comes the big man as he head butts Reigns and lands a splash in the corner. Henry with a suplex but blocked and Reigns hits a Samoan drop. Reigns with a big superman punch followed by the spear for the win.

    Winner: Reigns via Pin fall.

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    John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

    Here is the main event, they lock up and Rollins with a headlock but Cena fights out. They run the ropes and Cena with a hip toss followed by Rollins sliding to the floor to regroup. The Shield talks it over and he gets back in the ring, Rollins with a kick to the ribs but Cena fights back and throws him into the corner but Rollins moves. Rollins with right hands then locks in a headlock but Cena stands up with him on his back and backs in the corner. Cena runs into a big boot and Rollins lands a knee to the face for a near fall. Cena fights back and goes for the AA but Rollins blocks and hits a sunset flip neck breaker for a near fall (Awesome move) Rollins with a splash in the corner and keeps control. Rollins goes to the top rope and nails a knee to the face for a near fall. Rollins shoots off the ropes but Cena trips him and locks in the STF. Rollins gets to the ropes then all heck breaks down outside. Langston and Henry takes out the rest of the Shield.

    Back in the ring, Rollins comes off the top but caught and Cena hits the AA for the win.

    Winners: Cena Via pin fall.

    All three men (Langston, Henry and Cena) celebrate in the ring to end Smackdown. Thanks for everyone coming out and checking out the coverage, it’s been a great 2013 thanks.

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