WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 14th, 2017: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The New Day


Show: WWE SmackDown Live

Location: Charlotte, NC at the Spectrum Center

Date: November 14th, 2017

Results by David Dengis of WrestleNewz.com

Welcome to SmackDown Live. Shane McMahon gives a pep talk to Superstars backstage.

Show opens up and Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring. He talks about Survivor Series and how the Blue Team recently added John Cena to their ranks. Then he introduces the new WWE Champion AJ Styles. Bryan starts doing a Paul Heyman impression as he announces himself as “The Advocate” of the undisputed WWE Champion AJ Styles. Bryan then goes on to say he took exception to a couple of the things Heyman stated last night on Raw. Heyman had said that Styles would be victimized and conquered by The Beast.

Lesnar is big. Everything about him is big. But Bryan points out that Lesnar has a tendency to quit. He’s quit WWE before. Whenever he gets pushed into deep water, he quits. And Styles will drag Lesnar into deep water. Styles will push Lesnar to the limits, he will push him to the wall, and Lesnar will quick. So yes, Lesnar is big but he cannot go one-on-one with the Phenomenal One. Lesnar will not be able to better the greatest performer of this generation, AJ Styles.

Styles gets on the mic and says that he can actually talk too, he’s not a puppet like Lesnar. And Styles does agree with Heyman on one thing, he is the underdog. But Styles will find a way and he will find a way to win. He will show that Smackdown is the ‘A’ show because “Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built!” With that, Styles’ music plays as the crowd cheers.

United States Championship Match: Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Bell sounds and Cara goes to work. He takes Corbin over with a springboard arm-drag and then drop kicks him out of the ring. Corbin takes a breather outside as it cuts to commercial.

Back again and Corbin whips Cara into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Cara falls to his knees and Corbin lands a shot, causing Cara to face-plant. Corbin talks some trash but then Cara comes back. He knocks Corbin out of the ring and then nails him with a suicide dive. Back in the ring and Cara lands a springboard cross-body for a 2-count. They move through some transitions and then Corbin drops Cara with a Deep Six for a near-fall.

Cara sends Corbin to the outside again and hits him with a moonsault off the turnbuckle. Back in the ring, Cara tries to look for a finish but Corbin finds the End Of Days for the 3-count.

Winner: Baron Corbin (c)

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