WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – September 24, 2019


    Here are the results for the September 24th, 2019 edition of Smackdown LIVE.

    We begin Smackdown with a recap of last week’s interview with Rowan and the ending sequence.


    Rowan is out to kick things off to a chorus of boos. Rowan calls the video package a work of art. Some people paint, and some people sing, but Rowan destroys, and he commands respect. He says the people see him as less than human, but it’s changed because might makes right. Out comes Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan says that if he wants respect, fight him right now. A referee magically appears in the ring and it appears that we are getting a match.

    Rowan vs. Daniel Bryan

    Rowan tosses Bryan aside and gets an elbow drop. He sends Bryan out of the ring before he gets a running crossbody.

    Back in the ring, Rowan stomps away and gets some knees to the back and a headlock. Bryan fights back with some kicks before Rowan gets a spinning kick for 2.

    Back from commercial and Rowan has continued to dominate. He gets a powerbomb to Bryan on the ring post. Rowan gets a corner clothesline and looks to follow-up before Bryan gets a dropkick to the knees. He starts to work over the left leg. He gets an uppercut and a series of corner dropkicks before Rowan gets a spinning suplex.

    Rowan applies a bear hug. Bryan tries to fight out but Rowan gets a powerbomb for 2.

    Back from commercial, Bryan sends Rowan out of the ring. He goes for a suicide dive, but Rowan catches him. Bryan avoids an attack and sends him into the ring post.

    Bryan gets a missile dropkick to Rowan’s back and he’s on one knee. Bryan then starts to kick away and gets a kick to the face, but Rowan kicks out at 1. Bryan goes to the top rope, and Rowan catches him for a chokeslam. Bryan reverses that into a guillotine, and then into a Lebell Lock.

    Luke Harper comes out to distract, but Bryan sends Harper flying with a suicide dive. Harper gets back up on top of the announcer’s table, and Rowan chokeslams Bryan from the outside in the ring, but Bryan’s foot gets caught.

    Rowan and the referee untangle him before Rowan gets another Iron Claw for the win.

    Winner: Rowan

    Roman Reigns comes out and immediately attacks Harper, but the numbers game is too much for him. Bryan then comes to his aide and Bryan gets a knee to Harper. Rowan gets Bryan in a chokehold, but Roman spears him.

    Roman checks on Bryan and offers to help him up, but Bryan shoves him away. Bryan says all he wants is a one worded answer. Bryan asks the crowd if they want to see Bryan and Roman kick Harper and Rowan’s asses.

    We get a Brock Lesnar video package.

    Michael Cole is backstage with Kofi Kingston and he asks why Kofi accepted Brock’s challenge. Kofi just says it’s another chapter of him fighting. Kofi also says it’s an honor to be at the forefront of the new era of Smackdown on FOX. He says he’s worked too long and too hard to let Lesnar come in and have his way.

    Chad Gable comes out and says that he’s no joke and his King of the Ring tournament performance proved it. He goes onto recap last night’s match before Mike Kanellis comes out to interrupt. He makes a short joke and says he wants to prove to his wife that size matters.

    Chad Gable vs. Mike Kanellis

    Chad starts with a Belly to Belly suplex and a rolling German. Ankle lock taps him out quickly.

    Winner: Chad Gable

    We see Elias on the titantron. He says that he’s been following Gable’s story and it inspired him to make a song and makes fun of him.

    Next, we get a recap of Carmella winning the 24/7 Title. Charlotte is backstage and asks R-Truth where she is. Truth says she doesn’t know, but Carmella comes out.

    Carmella (w/R-Truth) and Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

    We start with Carmella and Sasha and the two have a back and forth exchange. Bayley eventually tags in and attacks Carmella on the outside. Carmella tries to tag to Charlotte, but Bayley cuts her off. She eventually gets a hair drag and tags Charlotte in.

    Charlotte goes wild on both Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte eventually gets the Figure 8 on Bayley before Sasha saves with a double knees. Sasha goes for a Bank Statement but Charlotte counters.

    Carmella tags herself in and gets a crossbody and superkick. Another superkick connects before Bayley saves. Carmella superkicks Bayley, but Sasha gets a Bank Statement from behind for the win. Charlotte was standing on the ropes and didn’t break it up.

    Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

    After the match, the women come out to try and get Carmella before Truth carries her on her shoulders.

    Bayley and Sasha jump Charlotte before Becky comes to her aide. She goes wild on both and Sasha and Bayley retreat.

    Ali vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Sami Zayn)

    Ali starts with a dropkick that sends Nakamura out of the ring and a huge suicide dive that looks like he landed badly. Ali gets a big crossbody for 2. Zayn distracts Ali and Nakamura sends Ali into the ring post.

    Back from commercial, Ali gets a facebuster. Nakamura fights Ali from the top rope, but Ali counters Nakamura’s attack into a dropkick for 2. Nakamura gets a left spinning heel kick and hits a rope-assisted Snap German.

    Shinsuke prepares for the Kinsasha , but Ali gets a superkick for 2. Nakamura gets a knee and goes for an Exploder suplex, but Ali counters with a pin for 2. Ali then gets a Tornado DDT.

    Nakamura retreats outside and Ali gets a dive. Sami distracts Ali and Ali runs back into the ring only to be met by a Kinsasha. That finishes things.

    Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

    We get a recap of the Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon saga.

    The New Day vs. B-Team

    Axel and Woods start with a back and forth. Eventually, B-Team works over Woods in the corner. B-Team takes time to gloat before Big E shoves Axel into the barricade.

    Dallas is forced into the corner, and New Day hit the Midnight Hour for the win.

    Winners: The New Day

    Backstage, we see Mandy Rose handing out magazines and Sonya begs her to remain focused. Otis sees her backstage and asks for a selfie with her and she begrudgingly agrees.

    The Kabuki Warriors vs. Fire and Desire

    Sonya aggressively drives Asuka into the corner but Asuka fights back. Sonya attacks Asuka’s back, but Asuka responds in kind.

    Eventually, Kairi tags in, but Mandy attacks her and shoves the magazine in her face. Kairi tries to kick the magazine away, but botches in and gets it on the second attempt. Kairi continues to get worked over before Asuka gets the hot tag and she runs wild.

    Asuka gets a running knee on Mandy but Sonya breaks up the pin. Kairi attacks Sonya, and Mandy gets a roll-up on Asuka for 2. Kairi tags in from behind, Asuka gets a Codebreaker and Kairi gets a top rope elbow drop for the win.

    Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

    Shane McMahon comes out and Owens comes out through the crowd. Shane introduces Kevin to his legal team. Shane says he has a proposition. He says either he keeps Owens in court with constant appeals, costing him millions of dollars or Owens drops the lawsuit and Shane will reinstate Owens on the spot with the $100,000 fine being dropped.

    Shane says this is a clean slate and offers a handshake. Owens says Shane is an idiot. Owens says the only thing sicker in a courtroom is seeing Shane in the locker room because he doesn’t belong there. Owens says this lawsuit is about getting under his skin, gaining leverage over him and to see Shane get fired.

    Shane asks what Owens proposing. Owens challenges Shane to one final match. If Shane wins, Owens remains fired. If Owens wins, Shane is gone from WWE. Owens proposes a ladder match with the contract hanging over. Shane agrees, but the microphone is off and we can’t hear him. May have been a botch.

    Backstage, Becky is quickly asked if Sasha being in a Hell in a Cell match before gives her the advantage. Becky says it better hope so before Sasha attacks her from behind. She slams Becky into a nearby cage, and Becky is hurt. That’s Smackdown LIVE.

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