WWE SmackDown Results (5/26)


Tonight’s SmackDown was taped last Friday in Columbia, South Carolina, because WWE talent has already made the trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for Night of Champions tomorrow afternoon (in the US).

Nevertheless, on tap for tonight’s show:

  • Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa on the KO Show
  • Austin Theory vs. Sheamus for the United States Championship
  • AJ Styles in action against Karrion Kross

And while we do not want to give away the spoilers on this page, everyone’s favorite, LA Knight (YEAAHH!!!) will also be in singles action.


#1. Austin Theory vs. Sheamus (United States Championship) – Winner: Austin Theory


We see a masterpiece segment from the Bloodline’s locker room, where Paul Heyman is rather condescending towards The Usos, prompting Jimmy to get in Roman Reigns’ face. Roman puts Jimmy in his place with some harsh words.


#2. Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi vs. Bayley & Iyo Sky – Winners: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi


#3. Ashante “Thee” Adonis vs. Cameron Grimes – Winner: Cameron Grimes


Bianca Belair is out next for a promo, but is attacked by Asuka, who sinches in the Asuka Lock. As officials head to the ring to break them up, Bianca fights back, and both women are separated to end the segment.


#4. LA Knight vs. Rick Boogs – Winner: LA Knight

Following the match, LA Knight took some shots on The Street Profits (who were on commentary) and made some cerebral insults.


#5. AJ Styles vs. Karrion Kross – Winner: AJ Styles


Up next is the KO Show… Roman Reigns is invited to the ring, but out instead comes Paul Heyman. Pau E. talks about how The Tribal Chief works on his own. The Usos’ theme plays, who come out to trade barbs with Sami & KO. Sami tries to once again reason with them, but KO tells him to stop and takes over instead.

KO says that Sami has been right about everything, how The Usos are treated by Roman Reigns and how they deserve better. He riles them up, hailing them as being the best tag team in WWE history. However, today, they are no more than Roman Reigns’ “errand boys.” A riled-up Jimmy declares that they indeed are the best tag team in the world, and as he is the “Tribal Chief.” Uh-oh.

As Paul Heyman is undergoing a stroke, Roman Reigns’ music plays. In the ring, Reigns snatches/graps/throws the mic out of Jey’s hand, and then Jimmy’s hand. Sami mocks Roman and says that The Bloodline is collapsing, and it’s his fault. Roman does the same with Sami’s mic. KO STUNNERS ROMAN! A all-out brawl breaks out…

Sami is beating up Jey inside the ring, KO is beating up Jimmy outside. Suddenly, Solo Sikoa appears. Solo Samoan Spikes Sami. He then Samoan Spikes KO. Back in the ring, Solo holds Sami and feeds him to a humongous Spear by Roman Reigns.

The Usos are holding the tag title belts. While seemingly conflicted, Jey hands them over to Solo. However, Jimmy is thinking; he’s thinking and thinking. Out of patience, The Tribal Chief steps forward and extends his arm, gestures, demanding Jimmy hand the belts over. Jimmy is still hesitant. Eventually, Jey convinces Jimmy to let go, and hands the belts to Roman. Now, Solo hands his set of belts to Roman as well.

The Bloodline pose, with Roman Reigns hoisting up the four tag title belts (Paul E. has the WWE Championship & the Universal Championship. However, Jimmy does not raise the finger, signaling that he does not acknowledge The Tribal Chief.

SmackDown goes off the air…


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