WWE Spoils Intercontinental Title Change For Chicago Fans


Last night on RAW, Finn Balor fought to retain his Intercontinental Title against Bobby Lashley. In a shocking turn of events, Lio Rush hopped into the time keepers area and began ringing the bell, therefore distracting Balor and allowing Lashley to pick up the win.

Most fans didn’t see this coming, however, if you were watching RAW in Chicago or other parts of the Midwest, you probably weren’t surprised.


During a commercial break, WWE aired an advertisement in the Chicago market which featured Bobby Lashley as the newly reigning Intercontinental Champion. Hundreds of fans noticed and took to social media; moments later, Lashley became the new intercontinental champion.

This isn’t the first time WWE spoiled a big result during an advertisement meaning you always have to keep your eyes peeled when WWE airs local commercials as they might contain valuable information.

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