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NewsWWE Still Has Plans For The Launch Of NXT Europe Brand

WWE Still Has Plans For The Launch Of NXT Europe Brand



Last August, WWE shut down the NXT UK brand and announced that NXT Europe would launch in 2023.

Plans for the launch of the new brand are on hold until the official acquisition by the Endeavor Group and WWE merges with the UFC to form a new company. The merger is expected to go through in a few weeks.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of Sportsmail this past March, Shawn Michaels, who oversees creative for the WWE NXT brand, was asked for an update on WWE NXT Europe. He said,

“Things are still in the organizational stage and we are hoping we will have that up and running by the end of 2023. I’m really learning. It isn’t something you just throw together, especially if you want to set it up for success. I think everyone would feel a bit more comfortable if it takes a little bit longer to make sure we cross every t and dot every i, but still looking forward to trying to make that a reality by the end of 2023.”

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the target launch time frame for the brand is 2024.

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