WWE Stock Up Another 10%, Lilian Garcia/NASCAR, More


— At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE stock was at $29.80 per share. That is up nearly 10% from yesterday and is the highest the stock has been since WWE went public way back in 1999. My guess is that investors got word that the Network is doing better than expected. I’m not sure if they’ve heard some rumored numbers as far as subscribers are concerned but there is a reason the stock is skyrocketing. WrestleMania 30 could also have something to do with it as they know a ton of new subscribers will be signing up for that pay-per-view alone. We hope to have more on this shortly.

— WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia and her band are scheduled to perform at this weekend’s NASCAR race in Las Vegas, NV. Lilian wrote the following on her official website on Thursday:

“This weekend I am heading to Vegas! On Saturday, March 8th and Sunday, March 9th I have the pleasure of hosting an event full of fans and media during NASCAR weekend. The event will be taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I cannot wait! I’m so excited to also announce that my band and I have the opportunity to headline the performances before the race begins on Saturday. We will be hitting the stage around noon at the Neon Garage in the infield of the track . We feel so lucky to be part of an event filled with so many other talented acts. I hope to see some of my #LilWarriors out there this weekend. Let’s have some fun and enjoy the races and great music!”

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