WWE Studios Head Speaks Out, TE News, Big Show


The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with The Big Show in which he talks about being in his hometown.

— WWE Studios head Michael Luisi recently spoke with the New York Times as part of a report about the studio’s new strategy of combining acquisitions of outside films with co-financing new ones. Check out the highlights:

On the reaction to their new strategy: “To some degree we’re under a microscope, because people are scratching their heads a little bit and saying, ‘What exactly are they up to here?'”

On the WWE brand name: “We have a very iconic brand; we have a core of fervent fans; we have motion-picture production, television productions, live events, consumer products, digital and social media. It’s certainly a brand very different from the Disney brand, and we are TV-PG. But we’re a family brand at the heart. You wouldn’t think of it that way. But you wouldn’t expect to see the Muppets on ‘Monday Night Raw,’ and there they were.”

On WWE’s promotion being credited by others for helping films like The Grey, The Muppets and Real Steel: “We don’t claim sole responsibility for that. But I think we helped them reach that audience.”

On the studio’s new strategy of reaching beyond the core audience: “It’s a different perspective than perhaps we’ve had historically, which was: ‘We’ve got this great fan base. Let’s create content for that fan base.'”

On the company’s horror-thriller No One Lives, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura: “Ryuhei is a perfect example of where we want to go. He’s commercial, artistic, has a huge cult following, is a very stylized visual director, and I think that he’s someone who is making the kind of broad, elevated genre movie that will satisfy our core audience and reach a broader one as well.”

— – WWE Tough Enough’s Luke Robinson recently participated in an interview Blogtalkradio. In the interview he claims that he outperformed Andy Leavine and all the other contestants featured on the show. He also discusses getting the opportunity to work with Tony Atlas, working on the independent scene, and more. You can listen to the interview below.

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