WWE SummerSlam Results 2017 – Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


Nakamura with a leg kick early. Nakamura side steps Mahal and tosses him over the top rope after mocking him. Nakamura catches Mahal with a quick side kick as the Brooklyn crowd starts to sing his entrance theme. They brawl to the outside as Nakamura throws some big elbows to Mahal and tosses him back inside. The Singh Brothers distract Nakamura allowing Mahal to get in a big elbow on the ring apron. Mahal is keeping Nakamura grounded back inside the ring. Nakamura catches Mahal clean with a spin kick. Nakamura with a running boot that catches Mahal flush. Nakamura props Mahal up on the top turnbuckle and connects with his running high knee. Nakamura has Mahal down in a triangle choke. Mahal gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Nakamura with a facebuster suplex. Mahal catches Nakamura with a knee to slow down Nakamura’s offense. Mahal misses a shot in the corner. Nakamura with a knee to the back of Mahal’s head. Both Singh Brothers are in. Nakamura fights them off in front of the referee. He clears the ring of both Singh Brothers. Mahal grabs Nakamura and hits his jumping Cobra Clutch. Mahal gets the pin!

Winner: Mahal – still WWE Champion

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