WWE SummerSlam Results 2017 – Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Match


The bell rings and here we go. Joe goes after Lesnar. Strowman goes after Reigns. Lesnar with an overhead suplex on Joe early. Reigns sends Strowman into the steel ring post. Reigns and Lesnar are staring each other down as Reigns gets back inside. Lesnar with a german suplex on Reigns and Joe. Strowman is now inside the ring walking right at Lesnar. Reigns and Joe slide in to break it up. Strowman clotheslines Joe and Lesnar clotheslines Reigns near the corner. We are left with Lesnar and Strowman again.

Strowman levels Lesnar with a clothesline over the top rope! Reigns attempts the same on Strowman, but Strowman shoves him away. Joe with a rear naked choke on Lesnar on the outside. Reigns with a spear to Lesnar through the ring barricade! Joe plants Reigns on one of the announce tables. Strowman levels Joe sending him over the table. Strowman tosses Lesnar over his shoulder and gives him a running powerslam through another announce table at ringside! Joe with a suicide dive that catches Reigns through the ropes. Heyman is pleading with Lesnar to get up near the broken table.

Strowman throws a chair at Reigns and Joe. Strowman again puts Lesnar on his shoulder and drives him through another announce table at ringside! Strowman picks up the third announce table and drops it on top of Lesnar. Heyman is yelling at Strowman to stop. WWE producers run down and move the table off Lesnar along with WWE officials. They are bringing out EMT’s and a stretcher for Lesnar. Brooklyn starts to sing the “GOODBYE” song at Lesnar. Strowman is smiling as he grabs the top of the steel steps and hits Joe with them. Strowman his Reigns with the steps.

Strowman with a second shot to Joe and throws the steps inside the ring. Reigns with repeated clotheslines to Strowman in the corner. Reigns throws the steel steps at Strowman. Reigns with a second shot using the steps. Reigns with a third shot with the steps sending Strowman out of the ring. Reigns nearly drops the steps on Strowman. Joe with his boot and running senton over Reigns. Reigns with a samoan drop on Joe. Joe goes for the rear naked choke. Strowman with a double chokeslam on Reigns and Joe. Strowman is busted open near his left ear. Lesnar is heading back to the ring walking down the ramp. WWE officials are trying to hold him back. Lesnar is back inside and tackles Strowman throwing big right hands. Lesnar knocks Strowman over the top rope. German suplex on Reigns and Joe. Strowman avoids a german from Lesnar. Lesnar jumps on Strowman trying to apply the kimura.

Reigns with a Superman to Strowman, Lesnar and Joe. Reigns catches Lesnar with a spear. Lesnar gets a shoulder up. Joe has the choke on Reigns. Strowman dropkicks Reigns into Joe. Strowman with a powerslam on Joe. Lesnar pulls the referee out. Superman on Lesnar. Superman on Strowman inside the ring. Strowman powers out of the pinfall standing Reigns back up. Strowman with a powerslam on Reigns. Lesnar breaks it up. Reigns with a spear to Strowman when Strowman had Lesnar on his shoulder. Joe tosses Reigns out. Joe with a choke on Lesnar. Lesnar with an F5 on Joe. Reigns breaks it up. Superman to Lesnar. Lesnar falls into the ropes. Superman to Lesnar again. Lesnar is staying up holding the ropes. Another Superman that drops Lesnar. Reigns is getting ready in the corner. Lesnar with an F5. Lesnar gets the pinfall!

Winner: Lesnar – still Universal Champion

Lesnar and Heyman celebrate at ringside to close the show.

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