WWE SummerSlam Results: Seth Rollins vs. Edge


The following is our play-by-play coverage of the WWE SummerSlam PPV event:

Seth Rollins vs. Edge

They brawled early. Seth tossed Edge into the ring post head first a few times. Back in the ring, Seth hit a neck breaker for 2. Seth beat him down a few times. Seth with a knee strike to the head of Edge. Seth went for a neckbreaker, but Edge rolled him up for 2. Seth with a frog splash off the top rope for 2.

Edge sent him into the top rope then landed some clotheslines and a big boot. Edge with a DDT for 2. Edge with a neck breaker off the top rope. Seth with the falcon arrow for a near fall. Seth missed the stomp and Edge hit the Glam Slam for 2. Edge with an outside spear through the ropes then sent him head first into the LED board. Edge went for a spear, but Seth countered into a pedigree for a near fall. Seth missed a dive and Edge hit the spear for the near fall. Edge went for a submission, but Seth rolled him up for 2. Edge with the crossface for the win. 

Winner: Edge

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