WWE Superstar Ali to Cover Costs for First Freelance Wrestling Show


UPDATE: The WWE has issued a cease and desist citation to Freelance Wrestling. The company was running a weekly show for donations to wrestlers who lost bookings over WrestleMania weekend, which had been cancelled. The show was labeled and promoted as “In Your Warehouse”. Due to the name similarities and logo style, the WWE felt it was too close to their “In Your House” pay-per-view acronym.

ORIGINAL: WWE Superstar Ali took to Twitter on Monday night, revealing that he’ll be helping the Freelance Wrestling promotion with their newly-announced weekly show due to the coronavirus. For those unaware, Ali is a former Freelance Wrestling Champion.

Freelance Wrestling allows its fans to donate during their live streams. Ali wants to help the talent on the show who have lost bookings due to the indy show cancellations and he is planning to cover the costs for all of the talent on the first episode of the weekly series, which will premiere on March 21st at 7 PM on IndependentWrestling.TV:

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