WWE Superstar Says Vince McMahon Is ‘Untouchable’


Vince McMahon’s power in WWE knows no bounds. Despite facing an internal investigation, he has shown no signs of backing down. One SmackDown Superstar recently praised McMahon for being an intimidating figure in the industry.

Happy Corbin spoke on the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast about McMahon and people’s fear of him:

“There’s something about him and it’s just gravitational like, ‘You’re The Rock, I’m gonna watch you do whatever you do.’  So, it’s cool. I think because he’s kind of one of the guys, it’s not intimidating versus where I think people see Vince [McMahon] as your boss and he’s gonna control your future. So that’s a little more intimidating, except for when he knocked my hat off yesterday; I wanted to fight him.”

Vince McMahon appeared on both RAW and SmackDown this past week. He skirted past talking about the current investigations and instead hyped up both shows. There’s no word on whether McMahon will show up tonight on SmackDown.

News of McMahon’s sexual allegations dropped last week. McMahon stepped down as CEO, and the stock saw a significant drop thanks to the report. Stephanie McMahon has taken over the role of CEO for the time being.

Vince McMahon is currently under investigation by the board of directors.

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