WWE Superstar Says WrestleMania 38 Moment “Broke” His Heart


WWE Superstar Happy Corbin has said it “broke” his heart for Drew McIntyre to kick out of the End of Days at WrestleMania 38.

In April, the two met at WWE’s biggest event of the year in a match McIntyre would win.

McIntyre kicked out of the End of Days during the match, the first time anybody had kicked out of the move.

Corbin recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin and said that it wasn’t his call for Drew to kick out of his finisher:

“Wasn’t my call, let’s just say that [Corbin said about Drew McIntyre kicking out of the End of Days]. I mean, honestly, we’re out of character here, the 100 percent honest truth, I would have loved to have saved that for a bigger moment for me and something that selfishly would have benefited me.

“It made a special moment for him and hopefully he appreciates that and hopefully he knows what it meant to me and it got an unbelievable reaction when he did.”

Corbin added that he would have preferred the first kick out to happen during a World Championship match with Roman Reigns.

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