WWE Superstars Injury Report – August 2023


Welcome to today’s report, where we provide an overview of injuries, inactivity, and illnesses affecting WWE Superstars as of August 2023. It’s important to note that WWE’s approach to disclosing injury details can leave fans curious about the reasons behind a superstar’s absence. Our information is current as of August 16th, offering insights into the latest developments. As the wrestling world knows, WWE is contending with a series of injuries and absentees that have cast uncertainty over upcoming storylines and matches.

Name Injury/Leave Details
Alexa Bliss Maternity Leave Announced her unexpected pregnancy in late May.
Amari Miller Torn ACL Confirmed successful surgery in February, giving her a 9-month recovery time.
Arianna Grace Torn ACL Confirmed she was 11 weeks into recovery from surgery in January, with an expected return to NXT in the second half of 2023.
Bayley Minor Knee Injury Following a live event, she was seen limping. She has been used on TV since then but has not wrestled since July 16th.
Big E Severe Broken Neck Injury Sustained from an unsafe suplex in March 2022. There is no timetable for his return. His doctor advised him to retire.
Braun Strowman Neck Injury Ricochet confirmed Strowman had neck fusion surgery last week. His recovery time is unknown.
Bray Wyatt Long-Term Illness After months of speculation about his future, it was reported that he had a ‘long-term illness’ and is not medically cleared.
Brock Lesnar Undisclosed Injury Dave Meltzer reported that Lesnar suffered an injury at SummerSlam 2023. Regardless of this, Lesnar is on another hiatus from WWE.
Carmella Maternity Leave Announced her pregnancy on May 1st and is expected to be on leave for the rest of the year.
Dakota Kai Torn ACL Confirmed her successful surgery in May. She returned to TV at SummerSlam 2023 to celebrate IYO Sky’s moment but confirmed in the press conference that she is not medically cleared.
Elton Prince Separated Shoulder Suffered the injury in a match with the Brawling Brutes in July. Ridge Holland denied blame but deleted his Twitter after being criticized.
Kevin Owens Fractured Rib Injury It was confirmed last month, but it is not serious enough to consider taking the tag team titles from him and Sami Zayn.
Liv Morgan Shoulder Injury Suffered the injury during a match last month. Rhea Ripley assaulted Morgan to write her out and vacate the tag team titles. If she needs surgery, it will confirm a lengthy recovery time.
Nikkita Lyons Torn ACL & Meniscus Confirmed her injury in January, which has a recovery time of at least 8 months and up to over a year.
R-Truth Torn Quadriceps Suffered after a dive in an NXT match with Grayson Waller. He had surgery in November but needed another surgery because of an infection. There is no timeline for his return.
Randy Orton Back Injury It was reported this month that Orton is far from being cleared. He has been off TV since May 2022. Before this, he talked about his back issues stemming from repeatedly landing on it from RKOs.
Robert Roode Neck Injury He had C4-C5 cervical fusion surgery in May and C5-C6 neck fusion surgery in November. This month, WWE reportedly brought him in as a producer.
Roman Reigns Undisclosed Injury Reportedly suffered an injury early in his match with Jey Uso at SummerSlam. It is not expected to affect his schedule.
Shane McMahon Torn Quadriceps Suffered the injury at WrestleMania 39 on night 2 and had surgery shortly after.
Sol Ruca Torn ACL Had surgery in May. She was last seen on NXT being taken out by a mystery attacker (Blair Davenport) in April.
Sonya Deville Torn ACL Picked up the injury this month in a match with Bianca Belair & Charlotte Flair. As she is sidelined, Chelsea Green found another tag team partner in Piper Niven to continue their tag title reign.
Wendy Choo Undisclosed Injuries She was wrote off TV in May after being taken out by a mystery attacker (Blair Davenport). Last month, Shawn Michaels confirmed that she was rehabbing several undisclosed injuries.



There are several other WWE Superstars who are sidelined for various reasons, but a lack of information means it would be wrong to assume why they are absent. Please let us know if there are any noticeable WWE Superstar injuries left off this list. Thank you.

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