WWE Superstars Matches Taped Before RAW, Paige Turns Heel Against AJ Lee And More


— As seen on this week’s WWE RAW broadcast, Paige made her expected heel
turn as she turned on AJ Lee following their one-on-one match. After the match,
Paige and AJ were celebrating in the ring. AJ turned her back and Paige tossed
her to the mat by her hair. Paige then landed multiple headbutts and tossed AJ
to the outside of the ring. Paige then tossed AJ back first into the barricade.
Paige screamed at AJ and told her that “this is my house”. On her way to the
back, Paige kept screaming at AJ once again saying “this is my house” before
skipping away from the ring side area, mocking AJ Lee.

— The following matches were taped at the American Airlines Arena in Miami,
FL prior to RAW for this week’s WWE Superstars broadcast:

* Adam Rose vs. Heath Slater
* Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

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