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WWE Superstars Reportedly Upset At Live Event Cuts


WWE has decided that they are cutting back on their live event business. For the entire month of February, WWE only has 19 live events scheduled, and only 8 of them are for the main roster. The next Supershow live event takes place on February 9th and two more shows are scheduled for February 15th and 16th.

For a while now, non-televised WWE live events started to see a dip in profits in the last quarter and attendance has gradually declined as well. These two dips have hurt WWE’s stock price, in a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This may be an indication that overall popularity of WWE’s brand has taken a decline.

WWE has also been doing more frequent SuperShow live events lately, featuring superstars from both the RAW and SmackDown brands. The Observer also had noted that the positives in cutting the live event business is that it will cut money losses since TV tapings still do relatively well. However, this decision is not going over well with WWE superstars.

WWE talents were reportedly not made aware of these changes until they received their booking sheets for the month of February. Top talents are still reportedly making lots of money, but other stars will see a noticeable dip in their revenue by working less dates and a decline in merchandise sales.

Vince McMahon had previously addressed these issues in a conference call with investors in 2018, noting that the live event system had become antiquated. Since then, revenue has still declined.

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