​WWE Surveys Fans On Potential Future Royal Rumble Locations + The Rock’s Upcoming Projects


During a recent interview with the Fandango website, The Rock discussed several upcoming movie projects he’ll be working on. The Rock said,

“And with Robin [Williams], I get it. That’s a big polarizing thing when you make an announcement about Jumanji, so it’s important for fans to know that Robin’s character is immortalized and untouched. And without giving anything away, there’s a cool way that we’re going to honor that. I think his family’s really gonna like it and be proud.”

WWE released a new survey last week regarding potential WWE Royal Rumble locations. The survey wanted to know if fans were planning to attend the WWE WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view and listed the following cities as possible WWE Royal Rumble locations:

* Boston
* Seattle
* San Francisco-Santa Clara-San Jose
* Tampa
* Detroit
* Miami
* Denver
* San Antonio
* Philadelphia
* Jacksonville
* Houston
* Chicago
* San Diego
* Phoenix-Glendale
* Washington, D.C.
* Orlando
* St. Louis
* Baltimore
* Toronto
* Los Angeles
* Minneapolis
* Atlanta
* New York – New Jersey

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